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Queer Clothing & Binder Bank


The Wits Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Advocacy Programmes work closely with clothing donors and the binder manufacturer Genderwear SA who donate binders for students who are not able to afford to purchase them.

The Bank provides queer students and refugees who are homeless with good quality second-hand garments, particularly during winter and graduation periods. It also provides an opportunity for transgender students to obtain clothing that may be gender-affirming and explore their gender expression through wearing different aesthetic styles, with the aim of reducing gender dysphoria.

The Bank has collected a number of different sizes, lengths and colour binders for transgender students, irrespective of their gender identity. We are very grateful to Genderwear SA for facilitating these donations.

If you are interested in donating clothing/binders to the Bank or obtaining clothing and/or a binder for yourself, please contact us for more information.