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Real Just Transition Conference | Session 1| Day 1
Real Just Transition Conference | Session 1 | Day 2
Real Just Transition Conference | Session 2 | Day 2
Foundations for building a competent and capable stateWhat are the Foundations for building a competent and capable state? Dr Sedibe draws on her research which formed the basis of her PhD.
Framework for Professionalisation of Public ServiceThe framework for professionalisation of public service: Implications on skills
Memorial service of Professor Peliwe LolwanaThe WITS REAL Centre Mourns the Passing of Founding Director Professor Peliwe Lolwana
Dislocations and Disciplinary DynamicsProf. Elaine Unterhalter discusses dislocations and disciplinary dynamics, looking at colonialism, diasporas, and decolonization in Education and International Development
Why Should Trade Unions Bother With Skills?Presented by Ole Johnny Olsen. Skills are collective goods and should be dealt with accordingly. Skills are power resources for workers in labour markets and in work organization - an obvious aspect, but still much neglected by unions.
The Challenges of Theorising CompetenceFocusing on the Public Sector, seminar by Martin Mulder
Driving Technical ExcellenceProf. Susan James Relly offers and international perspective on driving technical excellence in TVET.
Lifelong learning in SingaporeIn this seminar, Prof. Sung talks about the impact of lifelong learning on labor markets and education provision in Singapore.
Covid-19 and National Skills PlanningIn Search for the Holy Grail. Dr Lesley Powell engages critically with the underpinning logic of the South African National Skills Planning System.
New Directions in Skills PlanningIn this seminar, Prof. John Buchanan speaks about New Directions in Skills Planning, providing insights from occupational labour flows within Australia's employed workforce.
"Supply and Demand"Prof. Stephanie Allais offers her reflections from the COVID Skills Strategy, arguing that the notion of supply and demand is not helpful in thinking about skills development.
Skills Ecosystem ThinkingDoes it Present a New Paradigm for Skills Development? In this presentation, Prof. Spours suggests that it is important to bring the ways in which people 'live' into the learning and work relationship.
The Death of Human Capital?Its Failed Promise and How to Renew It In An Age of Disruption.
Gig Qualifications for the Gig EconomyMicro-credentials and the "Hungry Mile"