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Research Areas


Skills and skills ecosystems for a just transition in a time of increasing inequality

Environmental, social and economic justice are intersecting struggles, and have a direct impact on economic growth; social wellbeing and the world of work. We investigate what types of substantive, transformative, and systemic change is needed for a just transition; how work is changing; and the ways in which education and training rupture and reproduce inequalities. All of these shape vocational educational and training (VET), and education and training in turn impact on all of them. 

Development, skill formation systems and a changing world of work

We explore the relationship between education, state formation, and patterns of economic growth and social development, as well as relationships between education systems and labour markets, and education and work.

Occupations, qualifications, knowledge, skills, and the world of work

We explore the direct and indirect relationships between the knowledge and skills developed and taught in education and the knowledge and skills developed and used in work. Qualifications are the interface between education and a changing world of work and occupations and jobs. We explore the knowledge structures and curriculum related to education for occupations.

Post school institutions and the provision of vocational education and training in formal and informal contexts

We explore the interdependencies of educational institutions and enterprises within sectors or geographic regions.