Centre for Researching Education and Labour

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The REAL centre collaborates with a number of organisations and institutions in South Africa and internationally.

  • NRF/ESRC project on Pathways to the Public Good - Graduate trajectories – employment and civic engagement: this forms part of a broader project on the transformative potential of higher education, and examines the contribution that graduates might make to society by bringing together a group of people from different countries who are working in areas that relate to the issue.

  • Collaboration with Norrag – a Swiss–based research organization. REAL has been working with Norrag for some time now in a collaboration aimed at the sharing and dissemination of REAL and NORRAG’s knowledge, research, insights and perspectives with a network of local, regional and international stakeholders. We are in the process of preparing a new collaboration agreement with NORRAG based on the continuum between vocational and general education.

  • Education Policy Consortium: this is a collaboration with four other research centres: CERT-UJ, CIPSET-NMMU, NMI-Fort Hare and CEPD-Johannesburg on research in the Post School Education and Training (PSET)

  • REAL has a strong collaboration with the Environmental Learning Research Centre at Rhodes University


REAL staff continue to contribute in a wide range policy and capacity development processes:

  • Stephanie Allais has worked for 50% of her time advising the Minister of Higher Education and Training until recently, when she stepped out of his office and has been supporting the Department of Higher Education and Training in the development of a national fifteen year plan for the whole postschool system.

  • Presha Ramsarup was the lead organiser at the Southern African Association of Environmental Education annual conference. The programme had 300 participants from 19 African countries and papers from 22 universities in Africa.

  • Presha was the lead facilitator on national and provincial consultation workshops for DEA with government and environmental partners on the drafting of a framework for a South African Strategy to inform education and training for a Green Economy. Presha also serves on the National Environemntal Skills Planning Forum. She is working in the team leading the writing of the South African Strategy for Education for Sustainable Development.