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Graduating in Absentia

What if I cannot attend the ceremony?

  • If you are unable to attend your graduation ceremony, you will graduate in absentia. You will be required to make the necessary arrangements to collect or have your your degree, diploma, certificate collected from the Examinations and Graduation Office.

What happens with my certificate?

  • Due to the increase in the amount of theft and loss of certificates, Wits will no longer posts certificates. Graduates need to collect (courier collection at graduand cost) their certificate from EGO should they not attend the ceremony.
  • Certificates not collected within twelve (12) months after each graduation cluster will be destroyed and you will be liable for the cost of a new certificate.

Can someone else collect my certificate on my behalf?

  • You may ‘nominate’ someone to collect your certificate on your behalf.
  • The request must be in writing to EGO, stating the person’s full details as well as Identity Number.
  • This person must produce their ID Document when collecting the certificate.