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MA in Fine Arts

MA by practice and research in Fine Arts


The MA by Practice and Research is a structured Fine Arts Master’s program based on a practice-centered approach. Students will be exposed to modes and forms of thinking around artistic research, practice-led research and research led practice. The program is structured around the development of a project, which is complemented in the first year with group seminar and elective workshops that engage critical theory and its relation to artistic practice. In addition to individual supervisions by lecturers, there is also a series of seminars that addresses the form and idea of proposal writing, developed in innovative ways for critically informed practice based work. At the heart of the program is a commitment to artistic work that engages with aspects of our current and historical surroundings, experiences and problematics through varied and innovative aesthetic/discursive forms and expressions.


The outcome of the degree is an original body of artistic work and a written research report, which is to meet the requirements of the University and standards of academic rigour expected from Masters level course. Students are encouraged to interrogate the relation and possibilities between practical and written components relevant to their projects.


With this in mind we think of the Division of Visual Arts within a University that speaks from the Global or Near South, orienting ourselves both from and towards our context, as South African and African. We understand the South as a complex arrangement of ideas and position that derive from different locations, histories, flows and trajectories that form our contemporary. From here we position ourselves as a critical program that artistically speaks to this complexity.


Full time students are required to complete the programme in 2 years, part-time students in 3 years.


  • A personal motivation reflecting why you want to apply for an MA degree, how this relates to your personal trajectory and history. How this will develop your artistic or other creative practice. (250 – 500 words)
  • A proposal for the MA by Research: this should encompass an area of research you would like to pursue, highlighting several research themes. It should reflect a direction for both your practice during the MA and a written research component. (500 – 650 words)
  • A CV or artist’s resume, reflecting professional experience, exhibitions, projects and education
  • Two referees: names, institutional affiliations and contact details
  • Basic portfolio of 10 images. These images could take the form of film stills or link to a website (or for video formats a Vimeo or youtube link). This can be submitted in a digital format such as a flash drive etc. Your portfolio of work should reflect your practice up to now.
  • Please Note: if your application is reviewed positively we may still require an interview, preferably in person, but this can be arranged by skype or telephonically.

Please send these materials to

For any further information please mail Juan Orrantia or Dorothee Kreutzfeldt