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Without Making

The Point of Order invites you to Without Making, a solo exhibition by Antoinette Sears in part fulfilment of an MAFA

23 February | 6:30 for 7pm | The Point of Order, cnr Bertha and Stiemens streets, Braamfontein

... ‘just stop making, creating, thinking, discussing, doing, controlling, aspiring, achieving, hoping, guessing, wanting, fearing, deciding, waiting, worrying, caring, debilitating, assuming, speculating, wondering…’ With these words in mind, it is no longer necessary to look at what to make, in fact, not making at all seems to be a way to reach another reality.

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Renegotiating the Street: An Exercise

The Point of Order and Jarrett Erasmus presents Renegotiating The Street, in fulfillment of a Master in Art in Fine Art

The project interrogates discrete but connected areas: the street and the gallery, in two events in Johannesburg:

14.01.2017 – 7pm – 29 Benbow Street, Troyeville, Johannesburg

16.01.2017 – 6pm – The Point of Order, cnr Bertha and Stiemens streets, Braamfontein.

Erasmus elaborates on the motivation behind Renegotiating The Street: “Through an engagement with exhibition making I intend to explore what happens when these spaces start  to cross over into each other, when the work becomes removed from its conventional setting and what happens to the people of these spaces, and how do they function when this kind of intervention takes place?”

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through the extent by Danielle Wepener

through the extent | 10 to 15 March 2015 |a solo exhibition by Danielle Wepener 

through the extent invites the viewer to experience a series of paintings that resist and tease spatial slippages of structure and containment. Within the exhibition, Wepener presents a selection of large scale abstract paintings which meld and contrast, fluid and gestural marks, against defined analytical structures.

At times, allowing the structure to recede completely and evoke, instead, an alternative reading and comprehension of the spatial. Wepener’s interest lies beyond the surface of the canvas, peering at the canvases’s stretcher frame as an underlying structural object, with the ability to influence painting not unlike that of the motif of the window throughout centuries of pictorial painterly depiction.

Wepener’s accompanying Master’s thesis Conflicting Conventions: Space as a Medium in the works of Gerhard Richter and Serge Nitegeka explores the practice of adjusting and altering spatial perception or awareness of space, through tactics of display and placement. Within the exhibition, through the extent Wepener hopes to challenge and heighten these tactics of display through the abstraction of the paintings and their visual positioning and prominence, within The Point of Order exhibition space.

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Coats by Paola Warrender

Coats | 27 to 29 February 2015

An exhibition of forged sculptural works and recycled found metal objects by Paola Warrender. The tools and implements used in the making process are included in each piece, in this way the artist incorporates parts of her personal history associated with her blacksmithing experience and the symbolic associations related to smithing.

The coat, Warrender’s primary sculptural object, derives in part from the protective leather garments worn in a foundry and forge environment. Large scale metal-adorned leather coats are built up with repurposed and discarded safety gloves, overalls, aprons, nuts and bolts, old keys and steel off-cuts.

The layers of leather and fibre together with forged metal attachments collected over the past ten years result in heavy uninhabited garment-like sculptures that exude a relic-like quality and resemble a ceremonial and/or shamanistic costume that may invite the viewer to imagine putting them on.