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Current Team
Name Qualification Research Topic
Head of Sibanye-Stillwater DigiMine, M Ahsan Mahboob MS (GIS&RS), BSc (Hons)  Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Minerals Exploration, Geographical Information Systems, Cyber-Physical Spatial Data Modelling. 
Dennis Jimu MSc Candidate  Rockburst Modelling and Optimization of Support Systems using Numerical Codes.
Esnathi Polite Jakwi MSc Candidate Impact of Mine Digitalization and the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the Role of Women in Mining.
Farai Musiyiwa MSc Candidate  Photogrammetric 3D Reconstruction of Underground Mining Environment using Cost-effective Digital Technologies.
Lubanzi Zolibonga Desree Dlamini MSc Candidate  Application of Static and Mobile LiDAR Technology for Rock Deformation and Movement Mapping in Underground Mining using GIS.
Muhammad Ahsan Ashraf PhD Candidate  Analysis of Specific Absorption Rate in Humans for Wearable Wireless Devices in Underground Mines.
Muhammad Luqman MSc Candidate  Development of a GIS System for Mining Data Management and Integration for Proactive Decision Making.
Musharraf Ali MSc Candidate  An Integrated GIS and Remote Sensing System for Near Real-Time Monitoring and Management of Tailing Storage Facilities.
Nigel Dhlamini MSc Candidate Numerical Modelling of Smoke Movement During an Underground Mine Fire.
Thulani Terrence Ndhlozi MSc Candidate The Future of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the Mining Industry with respect to Viral Diseases.
Vuyani Mondli Buthelezi MSc Candidate Design and Development of Virtual Positioning System for Automated Navigation in Underground Mining Environment.
Research Topic 
Atang Maqelepo 
MSc Candidate (Mining Engineering) 
Risk Management through Predictive Rock Behaviour Monitoring in Underground Narrow Reef Stopes. 
Calvin Opiti 
MSc Graduate (GIS) 
A Spatio-Temporal Modelling and Analysis of Digital Sensor Data for Underground Mine Health and Safety. 
Changbiao Qin 
PhD Candidate (Mining Engineering) 
Conversion of an Outdoor Positioning System Based on BeiDou to an Underground Positioning System: An Indoor Positioning Approach to Enable Underground Real-time Positioning on a Mobile Platform. 
Dane Slattery 
MSc Graduate (Electrical Engineering) 
RPAS Collision Avoidance using Potential Fields for Underground Mines. 
Dave Borman 
MSc Graduate (Mining Engineering)  
Value Proposition of Three-dimensional Imaging using Laser Scanning Techniques: Technical Services Considerations for Underground Mining. 
Faiq Javaid 
MSc Graduate (Mining Engineering) 
Conceptualization of a Mining Information Model (MIM) Using Real Time Information for Smart Decision Making: A Smart Economics Approach. 
Femi Kolade 
PhD Graduate (Electrical Engineering) 
Error Mitigation in a Hybrid Powerline and Visible Light Communication  Channel. 
Godknows Musa 
MSc Graduate (Electrical  Engineering) 
Wireless Communication in a Collapsed Mine Tunnel. 
Hamid Ashraf 
PhD Graduate (Mining Engineering) 
Mineral Development for Growth: Develop a Mineral Policy Framework and Mining Cadastre System for Pakistan. 
Hendrik Grobler 
PhD Graduate (Mining Engineering) 
Spatial Positioning of Sidewall Stations in a Narrow Tunnel Environment: A Safe Alternative to Traditional Mine Survey Practice.  
Intikhab Hussain 
MSc Graduate (Mining Engineering) 
Channel Modelling and Analysis of WITS Mock-Mine with Different Antenna Parameters. 
Katekani Maswanganyi 
MSc Candidate (Mining Engineering) 
The application of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in deep-level mining. 
Joseph Kwiri 
MSc Graduate (Mining Engineering)   
Concept Development of a Smart Rock Engineering System for Real Time Decision-making and Risk Minimization in Deep Level Hard Rock Mines: A Digital Mining Approach. 
Mabilanyana Mandlazi 
MSc Candidate (Mining Engineering)
Developing a cost-effective, environmentally sound, holistic tailings valorisation approach supported by multiple stakeholders from industry, regulatory and policy organizations and academia.
Mpoyi Jacques Kanda 
 MSc Graduate (Mining Engineering) 
Limit Equilibrium and Numerical Modelling Approaches in Slope Stability Analyses with regard to Risk Assessment for Open Pit Mining. 
Monica Naa Morkor Cudjoe 
PhD Graduate (Mining Engineering) 
Time and Spatial Tracking of Metal Content from In-Situ to Plant Entry: A Digital Mining Technology Approach. 
Mosima Matlhwana 
MSc Graduate (Mining Engineering) 
Designing a Multi-Sensor Cluster for Monitoring Ventilation Risks Using a Micro Aerial Vehicle in Underground Mining. 
Netshiunda Fhulufhelo Emmanuel 
PhD Candidate (Electrical Engineering) 
Developing cost effective autonomous drones for mine inspections. 
Nkosana Mkhwanazi 
MSc Candidate (Mining Engineering) 
Requirement of Remotely Piloted Aerial System (RPAS) to improve underground Mine Safety in Narrow Reef Mining. 
Nosipho Mageza 
MSc Graduate (Mining Engineering) 
The Application of Building Information Modelling Concepts in Underground Mining: A Framework for the Production Zone.  
Peter Kolapo 
MSc Graduate (Mining Engineering) 
Towards a Short-Range Laboratory for Testing the Accuracy Terrestrial 3D Laser Scanning Technologies (TLS). 
Peter Rungani 
MSc Graduate (Mining Engineering)  
Improving Safety and Health in Underground Mining by Empowering Workers and Control Room Operators to Respond to Typical Exposure Risks in the Production Environment.  
Rethabile Molefe
MSc Candidate (Mining Engineering) 
Competence for 21st Century mining: A Framework for a South African Mining Engineering Graduate Development Programme.
Sarfraz Ali 
PhD Graduate (Mining Engineering) 
Evaluation of Flooding Induced Mining Seismicity to Characterize Safety Margins in the Central Rand, Johannesburg.  
Sarmad Javaid 
MSc Graduate (Chemical Engineering) 
Towards a Technology Framework for Evaluating and Optimizing the Metal Flow Process for Copper Production.  
Sirosh Bashir 
MSc Candidate (Electrical Engineering) 
Face Detection and Recognition in Low Light Environment using Convolutional Neural Networks.  
Tariq Feroze 
PhD Graduate (Mining Engineering) 
Coal Mines Ventilation - A Study of the use of Ventilation in the Production Zone.   
Xiang Fan 
MSc Graduate (Mining Engineering) 
A Blueprint for the New Technologies Adoption in the Mining Industry- A Systems Thinking Approach. 
Visiting Researchers
Name  Qualification  Areas of Interest
Anna Keneilwe Montjane MSc Candidate (School of Geoscience, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa) Spatial Assessment of Sink Holes using Analytical and Numerical Modelling Techniques.
Hajime Ikeda MSc Candidate (Mining Engineering, Akita University, Japan) Digital Systems, Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) in Mines, In-situ Stress Sensing, Communication System.
Idrees Zaman PhD Candidate (Electrical Engineering, University of Bremen, Germany) Digital Systems, Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) in Mines.
Mei Yu PhD Candidate (Mining Engineering, China University of Mining Technology, China) Digital Systems, 3D Laser Scanning, Image Matching and Registration.