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The Wits Mining Institute will host a two-day seminar where we will present research on 21st Century mining and exhibit prototype technologies and innovations. It is a unique event and a platform bringing together industry leaders ,experienced academics, and stakeholders to exchange knowledge, share insights and explore the latest advancements in the mining industry. Click on the image below for more information.


Other Events
4 April RTIMS Dialogue: Bridging the gap between the operational technology and data analytics In Person 
7 -13 July Akita Smart Mine Programme In Person 
25 July SATCAP Dialogue Session In Person 
25 September DigiMine Dialogue Session  In Person 
28 August WMI 21st Century Dinner -Mining Seminar Theme In Person 
29 - 30 August  WMI 21st Century Mining Seminar -Curious frontiers: Merging knowledge, innovation, data and minerals for sustainable change In Person 


Wits Mining Institute RTIMS Dialogue Session Highlights