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Network & Partners

Our partnerships are broad and deep, involving industry, higher-education, consulting firms, and public-private-partnership entities.

We are devoted to developing capacity in South African research in the minerals sector. In support of this, we have a particular strategic thrust to partner with historically disadvantaged higher education institutes (HDEIs). The University of Venda (UniVen) is our most recent partner and collaborator.

We use a three-dimensional model to build new partnerships, through:

  1. Integration of inter-faculty and trans-disciplinary research programmes across Wits under the WMI,
  2. Work with other universities, both locally and nationally, to identify the best possible research collaboration opportunities and proceed where agreements that best serve all the parties and create value for all involved can be reached and
  3. Strengthening the relationships with key stakeholders and collaborators to optimise the efficiency and impact of WMI’s trans-disciplinary research.

Through our Centres, we also collaborate with Wits departments, and other universities. Pursuing multi-, inter-, and transdisciplinary insights into mining sector issues, research into the modernising sector needs inputs from all perspectives to understand & collaboratively create solutions that are fit for the future. One of our key partners in this is the SAMERDI-funded Mandela Mining Precinct (MMP), where attention is on applied research in five areas, of which two are RTIMS and SATCAP.