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Quantum Sensors and Devices

As our capabilities to process big and complex data increases, so does our need for developing sensor and detector technologies that are able to supply qualitatively new data about our world. This has led to the development of quantum sensors. These are devices that can detect even the minutest change in any environment thanks to the ultra-sensitively that quantum physics provides. These next-generation technologies are currently being investigated for a variety of applications ranging from enhanced biosensors to magnetometers and even for detecting gravitational waves.

Our current research at Wits builds on South Africa’s legacy as a world-renowned location for diamond research. Here we investigate quantum phenomena such as superconductivity, electron transport, and even light-matter interactions in diamond devices for developing solid-state quantum technologies. To achieve this, we have launched a multi-disciplinary research program that investigates material science, nanoelectronics, device fabrication, and ultimately quantum engineering for creating and testing diamond-based quantum technologies. Our active projects include superconducting detectors used for space exploration applications such as transition edge detectors and microwave kinetic inductive detectors (MKIDS), as well as hybrid diamond qubits for quantum information processing.  

Contact: Somnath Bhattacharyya
School of Physics
Phone: +27 11 7176811