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Quantum technology is an exciting and rapidly moving field that brings teams of many different disciplines together. The underlying science is as important as how we apply this science to improve people's quality of life.  Wits has had strong foundational and advanced undergraduate courses relating to quantum mechanics, chemistry, and physics in the science faculty for many decades and these will continue to play a key role in developing future scientists that will contribute to the field.  

More recently, as the technologies have advanced and matured, computer scientists, health scientists and engineers are becoming increasingly involved in the field, where computational algorithms, medical applications, materials, system design and software development are key considerations. Wits is committed to being at the forefront of these developments and is actively involved in building programmes in the relevant fields.  The undergraduate programmes will ensure that the key foundations are built, and postgraduate research activities build on these foundations to advance our knowledge and make practical contributions to the field.

Contact: Prof. Andrew Forbes
Distinguished Professor
Structured Light Laboratory |
Phone: +27 82 8231836