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Quantum Technology is a rapidly emerging field in science and engineering. Numerous technological breakthroughs have been made in recent years in areas such as quantum sensing, quantum teleportation, secure communications, and quantum computing. Small, medium and large companies in many sectors are becoming aware of these developments and are asking how these innovations might affect their business models, either positively by opening up new opportunities or negatively be posing a threat to their operations and markets.

A number of companies have approached Wits University asking how they may become involved in the Wits Quantum Technology initiative, called WitsQ. These companies have a view that quantum technologies could and should feature in their future technology roadmap.  In most cases, however, such companies lack the expertise and access to resources to develop and test the quantum technology use cases in which they are interested. For this reason, the WitsQ initiative is offering a limited number of local companies (to be called “WitsQ Partners”) the following engagement model:

  • Pool of Expertise: The WitsQ initiative, working together with partner institutions in our region, constitutes a growing pool of expertise in quantum technologies, rooted in the South African and African context. This “Pool of Experts” will be available to support WitsQ Partners in various ways, some of which are detailed below.
  • Training: various educational and training initiatives will be offered by WitsQ. Selected staff from WitsQ Partners will be offered priority seats in some of these training programmes. Specialized industry-focused training on Quantum Technology topics will be offered by WitsQ experts. Exclusive “Executive Updates” on quantum technology will also be presented to WitsQ Partners.
  • Conceptualization of Quantum Use Cases: Quantum technology experts will assist WitsQ Partners in the conceptualization of quantum use cases relevant to their business.
  • Joint research and implementation in relation to specific Use Cases: WitsQ Partners will be supported by WitsQ experts in the implementation and testing of practical quantum use cases relevant to their business.
  • Recruitment opportunities: By having ongoing engagement with Wits University and other academic institutions actively involved in quantum technologies, WitsQ Partners will meet and work with top undergraduate and postgraduate students who are actively involved in this field. WitsQ Partners will also be encouraged to participate in the work of Masters and Doctoral students by proposing research topics and supporting their research in various ways.
  • Information sharing: WitsQ Partners will have priority and, sometimes, exclusive access to forums, events and other forms of information sharing via WitsQ and its international network.  An annual tour will also be arranged (post-Covid) for WitsQ Partners to visit and interact with companies actively engaged in using quantum technology in the USA and/or Europe and/or other parts of the world.
  • Branding Opportunities: WitsQ Partners will be acknowledged as key sponsors via digital, print and other communications  (eg. media releases, website, etc.).

For more information about the WitsQ Partner programme, and other opportunities for companies to engage with WitsQ, contact: 

Contact: Prof. Andrew Forbes
Distinguished Professor
Structured Light Laboratory |
Phone: +27 82 8231836