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Quantum Health

Quantum health is an exciting emerging research field that blends research from the biological, medical, and health fields with quantum technologies. The focus is on creating a pool of active researchers, with an interest in quantum electronics, macro-and nano-lasers for enhanced medical and biological applications including cancer treatment, wound healing, dental laser work, and surgery. Quantum imaging with few photons and in a non-interacting manner allows imaging of light-sensitive structures without damage, while deep wavelength photons can penetrate deeply into tissue for seeing hidden structures. Quantum computing is crucial to modern drug design, simulating clinical trials, and processing data, while securing patient data in the long term requires quantum information processing approaches. Finally, theoretical and experimental quantum biology is making headway in understanding processes in the brain, which are thought to be quantum in nature.

Contact: Prof. Andrew Forbes
Distinguished Professor
Structured Light Laboratory | 
Phone: +27 82 8231836