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Quantum Computing

A large part of having data is using it to solve real-world problems in a reasonable time. Some problems are so complex that it would take classical computers millions of years to compute. Quantum Computers are better suited to solving some of these. Research in Quantum Computing expands into two main fields. The first is building better quantum computers, and the second is using quantum computers to solve problems.

Building better quantum computers includes physics, chemistry, and engineering research to design the smallest quantum computer components called Qubits (semiconductor and optical) and integrating these Qubits into quantum computers. The second field is creating and using quantum algorithms to protect data, simulate outcomes like biochemical interactions or climate changes or optimisation algorithms to improve image recognition, and offer efficient risk/reward solutions. Wits explores these fields in ongoing research and postgraduate courses. Wits is partnered with IBM to offer access to many Quantum computers that allow academics and students to work in both broad fields. Wits stand as an African leader in Quantum computing, hosting Quantum teaching and making these systems available to South African and African Universities.

Contact: Taariq Surtee
Head: eResearch
Research Office
Phone: +27 11 7179968