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Professional learning for academics

University teaching is a profession. Like every profession, it requires specialised knowledge and skills, which need to be continuously updated and expanded.

Wits has developed a Framework for Continuous Professional Learning of Academics as University Teachers. Please click here to access the document.

The Centre for Learning, Teaching, and Development (CLTD) offers a number of services to support academics in their professional growth. Workshops are offered throughout the year on a range of topics.

Wits has become a member of the UK Advance HE, an organisation devoted to professional learning in higher education. This gives us access to the Connect Benefit Series of webinars and resources.

Wits is making increased use of blended learning – blending face-to-face and online learning and teaching. CLTD offers support on the use of ulwazi - the University’s Learning Management System and on the design of blended learning courses.

The Quality and Academic Planning Office offers an evaluation service for academics to obtain feedback and guidance on their teaching to assist them in their professional growth.

Colleagues interested in adapting their course to use writing to deliver course content, should consider joining the Wits Writing Programme​They may also be interested in browsing the writing library in the Wits Writing Centre to consult various resources related to Writing Intensive teaching and learning.

Also please note that the Wits Writing Centre ​is housed on the ground floor of Wartenweiler Library and is a resource for both students and staff. We operate on the assumption that everyone can write better. Consultations on drafts are offered in person or via an emailed response. Please see Wits Writing Centre for further details. Note that there are two other faculty-specific writing centres at Wits, one in the Law Library and one in the Education library.

Faculties offer discipline-specific professional learning for academic staff. 

Exceptional university teachers can apply for Faculty Teaching and Learning Awards and the Vice-Chancellor’s Teaching and Learning Award.

Academic staff who want more in-depth knowledge about learning and teaching in higher education can register for the Postgraduate Diploma in Education in the field of Higher Education.