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Staff support

The staff-focused arm of the STLU provides a variety of professional development opportunities for staff to enhance teaching and learning (T&L) on an ongoing basis. This is achieved through the provision of theoretically informed workshops and courses on teaching, learning and assessment in the sciences, one-on -one consultations with lecturers to address T&L challenges, and collaborative evaluation of contact, blended and online courses. We also support the development of the scholarship of teaching and learning in science through seminars and forums for staff interested in researching various aspects of teaching and learning in higher education.

Student Support

The Science Student Success Team, situated in the Science Student Success Centre in the TW Kambule Mathematical Science Building strives to support students in various ways to help them achieve their full potential at university. The team offers support in the form of one-on-one consultations, group consultations, workshops and short courses.

Currently, two free short courses are on offer. An undergraduate short course, Tools for Science Students, which touches on aspects of wellness, academic skills, and academic advice. As well as a postgraduate short course, Foundations of Scientific Thinking and Writing, that is aimed at helping postgraduate students become better academic writers.

Please contact us to find out more about these courses:

Student Wellness and Learning
  • Facilitating student wellness through psycho-educational interventions
  • Assisting students in identifying and overcoming barriers to effective learning
  • Setting, monitoring, and working towards the realisation of personal development and growth goals
  • Setting, monitoring, and working towards the realisation of personal academic and vocational goals
  • Facilitating students’ involvement in social impact and transformation
  • Teaching life skills
Academic Advising
  • Identify and advise on career paths
  • Develop students’ life and social skills
  • Develop study plans that enhance academic success
  • Lead and support peer-mentoring programmes
  • Identify and advise on areas that affect well-being and academic performance
Academic Skills Development

Science Writing Centre:

  • Develop academic reading, writing, note-taking, and critical questioning skills
  • Understand and apply academic writing conventions
  • Improve, revise and refine writing assignments
  • Create logical and coherent academic arguments
  • Assist student in becoming an academic writer