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Formal and informal learning spaces

Learning can take place anywhere, anytime. Wits also provides specific places that are conducive for students to learn individually and together.

Wits Libraries

Wits Libraries provide spaces for individual and group learning. 

Wits Wi-Fi

With increasing Wi-Fi coverage, students will be able to access the internet from all lecture venues and informal spaces all over campus, indoors and outdoors in the beautiful garden areas of campus. 

Learning & Teaching with educational technology

Wits is a modern university operating in a technology-pervasive environment. Aligning with international trends in Higher Education, student learning is supported through innovative space design and the use of educational technology. Examples of technology-rich formal learning spaces are:

  • Smart Classrooms and
  • Open Learning Areas
Smart Classrooms

These are classrooms equipped with 'smart' educational technologies, which support lecturers and students engaging (inter)actively in learning interactions. They have the capacity to:

  • support small groups learning together collaboratively on interactive smartboards
  • access learning resources on the internet
  • share group work with the rest of the class
  • stream, record, and edit lectures, and make recorded lectures available to students

Venues are simple and easy to use with minimum need for support and intervention. An example is the Faculty of Health Sciences Simulation Lab. Students in the Faculty can now practice life-saving techniques and other medical procedures in the simulation laboratory using SimMan3G, a high-fidelity simulator. Another example is the Wits Education Campus e-Zone in the Khanya Building, available to students from the Schools of Therapeutic Sciences and Education.

Open Learning Areas

Open Learning Areas combine smart classrooms with 24-hour open study areas. The flexible, active, technology-rich learning environments allow for face-to-face blended learning engagement with students, as well as for student-centred collaborative activity.