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SCIS in the press

The SCIS team write regular analysis and op-ed articles for the popular press. Here is a selection of the latest writing.

Listen to Buntu Siwisa's interview with Jeremy Maggs on MonewWeb@Midday Podcast on the Securitising responses to inequality conflict.

Buntu Siwisa cautions South Africa against adopting the Zimbabwe Way: Securitising responses to inequality conflict: Beware the Zimbabwe way

Katrina Lehmann-Grube, Imraan Valodia, Julia Taylor and Sonia Phalatse ask what happened to the Just Energy Transition grant funding.

Obituary | Read Imraan Valodia's moving tribute to Professor Eddie Webster: 'The Sociology Madala' who shaped the way we think about the world.

WATCH Thokozile Madonko as she dissects the 2023 Budget on SABC on the SABC's SA Today program.

WATCH Thokozile Madonko on Newzroom Afrika as tells us why Finance Minister's  2024 Budget is a delicate balancing act.

Listen to Thokozile Madonko's SONA-related commentary on SAFm and on PowerFM

Ufrieda Ho sat down with SCIS researchers to get their views on the Israel-Palestine war. Here, they explain their solidarity with Palestine.

Yashila Govender, Bathandwa Mtebele, Julia Taylor and Imraan Valodia tell us why more COP input is needed from Global South universities.

Yashila Govender, Katrina Lehmann-Grube, Sonia Phalatse, Julia Taylor and Imraan Valodia on the road to COP28: key debates and expectations for South Africa

Listen to Julia Taylor's SAfm interview on South Africa's 12 year-old renewable energy programme.

Aalia Cassim, Imraan Valodia, Julia Taylor, Rod Crompton share insights on South Africa's 12-year-old renewable energy programme.

Lisa Vetten and Thokozile Madonko tell us about the finance minister's misunderstanding of the social development sector. 

Read Melissa Tandiwe Myambo's piece on India to Africa to the UK: Diasporas don't influence politics in predictable ways. 

Arabo K. Ewinyu discusses the gender pay gap in private sector and state-owned companies. Listen here.

Imraan Valodia and Arabo K. Ewinyu tell us why South Africa's wage gap is huge: Why companies should report what CEOs and workers earn. 

The PEP team was part of a MTBPS 2023 Roundtable. WATCH the SABC interview

Michael Sachs on how the budget will hurt key public services and fail to halt rise of debt and how the 'grim' MTBPS is a new budget, and not an adjustment.  

Watch: Michael Sachs' interview with eNCA's Thami Ngubeni on Growing calls for a review on higher education funding model. 

Read: Nozipho Marere's op-ed in the Mail and Guardian on Sweeping the city clean: 'Anti poor' plans for urban renewal. 

Watch: Arabo K. Ewinyu's eNCA interview with Tumelo Mothotoana on the fact that Companies may be forced to declare pay gaps.

Listen to Eddie Webster's Power FM radio interview on trade unions and the new economy.

Eddie Webster's op-ed, Trade unions and the new economy: 3 African case studies show how workers are recasting their power in the digital age, first published by The Conversation, was republished by Econ3x3

Imraan Valodia was interviewed by Clarence Ford on Cape Talk about South Africa's inequality curse. Listen to the radio interview here.

Eddie Webster was also interviewed by Radio Islam here on 3 African case studies how workers are recasting their power in the digital age.

Eddie Webster's op-ed in The Conversation about Trade unions and the new economy: 3 African case studies show how workers are recasting their power in the digital age. 

WATCH - Imraan Valodia's interview with Thembekile Mrototo on Newzroom Afrika talking about South Africa's inequality curse.

Research by the SCIS Public Economy Project was quoted in this Business Day op-ed: chronicle of a fiscal crisis foretold

Imraan Valodia tells us why South Africa can't crack the inequality curse and what needs to be done. 

Katrina Lehmann-Grube, Julia Taylor, Imraan Valodia, Rod Crompton, Jason Huang and Ian Jandrell on how grid capacity poses a significant obstacle to renewables transition and fixing loadshedidng. 

Michael Sachs was interviewed by Channel Africa's radio show, Africa Rise and Shine, on Treasury's outlook on the economy

The PEP team was extensively quoted in this Business Day article, SA's fiscal outlook is far worse than most realise

Imraan Valodia and Sarah Cook were amongst leading economists and experts who penned a letter to the UN and World Bank on runaway global inequality

Fikile Masikane writes about food couriers in three African cities and how they are riding to survive 

Imraan Valodia and Julia Taylor on Ensuring (that) a just energy transition is complex

Julia Taylor was interviewed by the Associated Press about the challenges of South Africa's green energy transition.

Thokozile Madonko and Lisa Vetten on why the Social development budget is not fit for purpose

Michael Sachs on why SA's budget has become less credible 

Research Associate, Lisa Vetten, was interviewed about the implications of the Gauteng Social Development Department's budget cut on social welfare services. Watch the eNCA report.

Imraan Valodia, Julia Taylor and Katrina Lehmann-Grube on Facing the climate crisis in a world of inequality: Who should pay? Who will pay?

Michael Sachs on how core services shrinkage in the budget will harm the poor

Imraan Valodia and David Everatt tell us how informal settlements could drive South Africa's rooftop solar revolution

Edward Webster and Fikile Masikane recently participated in a podcast on their research on platform work. They were joined by researchers from a range of countries including Italy, India and South Africa and discuss differences and similarities in their research findings. Listen to part 1 and  part 2 

Edward Webster delivered the 2022 Annual Neil Aggett Labour Studies Lecture: "Re-Casting the Power of Labour in the Digital Age", Watch it here. 

Edward Webster on why nation-building is still relevant in building a non-racial South Africa

Julia Taylor, Aalia Cassim and Imraan Valodia explore The macroeconomic risks and opportunities of a transition to a low-carbon economy for South Africa,

Imraan Valodia, Siviwe Mhlana and Julia Taylor, on Gender, care, and climate change: Why they are connected,

Michael Sachs, Arabo K. Ewinyu, and Olwethu Shedi explain how budget pressures have eroded the capacity of the criminal justice system 

Imraan Valodia and Julia Taylor take us through key outcomes from COP27

Edward Webster and Ruth Castel-Branco tell us how worker organisations can survive the digital age

Imraan Valodia and Julia Taylor explain what COP27 is and why we should care

Thokozile Madonko tells us why SA needs a bold, visionary mini budget and an end to austerity policymaking and why we must be outraged at the fact that there are no alternatives to the Medium Term Budget Policy Statement

Michael Sachs. Arabo K. Ewinyu and Olwethu Shedi provide an analysis of spending in South Africa's public service and tell us although demand is growing. real spending is falling  

Ruth Castel-Branco discusses various social protection programmes that have been implemented in the last three decades and why although social grants offer cash, they aren't a magic bullet response to inequality in the global south

Imraan Valodia, Siviwe Mhlana, and Julia Taylor tell us why gender, care and climate change are connected

Arabo K. Ewinyu and Olwethu Shedi tell us why although significant strides have been made in the labour market, Women in SA continue to bear a double (or triple) burden 

SCIS' PhD Fellow Kudakwashe Manjondo's take on Harare: dirty city, dirty politics, dirty black gold

Alex Mobubetswane Mashilo says auto manufacturing is changing and this is how South Africa can adjust to protect workers and jobs 

What's wrong with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, listen to this podcast by Ruth Castel-Branco, Nyanjala Nyabola, and Ozayr Patel 

Ruth Castel-Branco and Hannah J. Dawson tell us how digital labour platforms subject global South workers to 'algorithmic insecurity' and again here 

In this Cape Talk interview, Edward Webster weighs in on the recently-leaked 'Uber Files' and how the company has failed drivers 

Siviwe Mhlana and David Francis on unemployment and the need for government to think of new approaches in addressing this crisis

Edward Webster recently chaired a conversation about grassroots democracy and resistance for a Pen South Africa podcast episode titled Grassroots Movements, Housing and Hope

Ruth Castel-Branco and Hannah J. Dawson on the fourth industrial revolution: a seductive idea requiring critical engagement

Imraan Valodia and Julia Taylor discuss the threats posed by climate change to livelihoods of all humanity, especially in the Global South 

Imraan Valodia and David Francis discuss how socio-economic realities in South Africa impact growth and investment

Edward Webster remembers Rick Turner in real utopias and the impracticality of realism

Imraan Valodia, Julia Taylor, and Shirona Patel tell us how universities can play a central role in fostering a transformative approach to climate change

Michael Sachs warns of future tax hikes

Michael Sachs on how President Ramaphosa could use the BIG to garner support for the ANC ahead of 2024

Michael Sachs says on political courage and basic income support 

Michael Sachs on the 2021 MTBPS and why achieving consolidation next year will be even harder.

Michael Sachs discusses the BEE Chapeaux Report on SAfm with Cathy Mohlahlana.

Edward Webster talks about the possibility of a shorter working week for SA.

Imraan Valodia sits down with the Head of UNAIDS and she unpacks the knock-on effects of Covid-19.

Imraan Valodia tells us why developing countries should inform global debates on inequality.

Ruth-Castel Branco weighs in on South Africa's basic income grant versus jobs debate. You can listen to her CapeTalk interview here

Imraan Valodia and colleagues discuss Covid-19 variants, vaccines, and the unlikelihood of herd immunity

Shafee Verachia shares his views on misinformation and the threat to democracy.  Here, he shares his views on the age of industrialised disinformation

Hannah Dawson debunks common stereotypes about young, jobless South Africans. Here, she tells us what the youth are up to. Listen to her Cape Talk interview here on SA youth and joblessness and here on PowerFM

Imraan Valodia remembers Vishnu Padayachee in this moving tribute, and here. You can also read a full obituary here

Imraan Valodia explores the link between inequality and power

Imraan Valodia and colleagues tell us why vaccinating is the only viable strategy for living with Covid-19 

Edward Webster reflects on his vaccination moment and a need for a fundamental rethink of capitalism.

Edward Webster discusses the uberisation of work and worker rights. You can also watch his SABC interview here 

Edward Webster and colleagues discuss the low trust dynamic in SA workplaces.

Imraan Valodia tells us why it's a good idea to force the disclosure of wages and executive pay in SA. You can listen to his Smile 90.4FM interview here and his Cape Talk discussion here

Alex Mashilo and Dinga Sokwebu critique the state's policy on electric cars. 

Edward Webster discusses the new workers of the gig economy.

The first series from our Kusini Podcast, Encounters with Covid, was featured in a list of 20 Best Podcasts on Economic Inequality in 2021

Michael Sachs discusses South Africa's Budget and the absence of social solidarity.

Imraan Valodia talks vaccines and the state of Biovac

A critic of the Wealth Tax Paper (and the Technical Paper) on Politics Web. Part I and II. The paper was also cited in a ruling on patrimonial capitalism.

Arabo Ewinyu discusses her experiences with inequality in Kenya and South Africa.

Michael Sachs had various engagements following the 2021 Budget. A selection of these are listed here: Business Day TV, New Frame, Metro FM Part I, Metro FM Part II, Mail and Guardian, 702City Press and Business Day.

Imraan Valodia and colleagues discuss costing a vaccine strategy for South Africa.

Several engagements with the published Technical paper. The Citizen. Business Day. Bloomberg. Fin24. Moneyweb.

The researchers were interviewed by the SABC, here and here and on Voice of the Cape.

Is a wealth tax in South Africa really a bad idea? Aroop Chatterjee, Léo Czajka and Amory Gethin respond to this opinion piece.

Michael Sachs speaks to Peter Bruce on fiscal policy and what to expect in this month’ Budget. (Financial Mail)

Work from home reserved for the privileged few in SA write Ruth Castel-Branco, Sandiswa Mapukata and Edward Webster

SA on one-way ride to a debt crisis, warns Michael Sachs. More analysis here, here, here and here.

Edward Webster was part of a BBC Panel discussing some of the barriers to systemic reform on racism

Michael Sachs was interviewed on episode 106 of the Voices from SA Podcast. Among other things he talks about the impact of COVID-19 on the South African economy, the role of the State and certain Government Departments.

SA’s richest 3 500 own more than the bottom 32 million. Read more here, here and here.

Ruth Castel-Branco’s policy recommendations for work and social protections in Mozambique was published (in Portuguese). The English version is available here.

Aroop Chatterjee was interviewed by Michael Avery on Classic FM regarding the findings of his latest working paper estimating household wealth distribution in South Africa.

Imraan Valodia reflected on the Presidential economic recovery package on Radio New Frame

Michael Sachs spoke at a virtual webinar organised by the CDE on how the COVID-19 disaster and the proposed response will affect South Africa’s public finances. His slides are available here.

Like a magnifying glass, the COVID Pandemic has exposed the fragility of global capitalism and the systemic violence it produces writes Ruth Castel-Branco in her FES blog article. 

Imraan Valodia participated in a webinar on the impact of COVID-19 on workers in the informal sector

South Africa needs to mitigate the worst of its inequalities in tackling coronavirus, by Imraan Valodia and South Africa won't flatten the COVID-19 pandemic curve unless all citizens have the means to stay at home. But for many, it's either they stay at home and starving, or go out to make a living. 

Michael Sachs commented on the necessary fiscal stimulus package for the South African economy.

Imraan Valodia proposes ten programmes to implement urgently in light of the Covid-19 crisis

Imraan Valodia later commented on President Ramaphosa’s economic proposals

The results of work by Aroop Chatterjee (SCIS), Amory Gethin (World Inequality Lab) and Léo Czajka (World Inequality Lab & Université Catholique de Louvain), and their latest working paper on estimating the distribution of household wealth in South Africa are widely quoted in today’s newspapers: Daily Maverick, Ground Up and SA People.

Michael Sachs provided analysis on Budget 2020 across various media channels: as part of a panel on Classic FM, in the Business Day, and in City Press. You can also read some of his comments on the budget in the Mail and Guardian

Michael Sachs spoke at GIBS’ Economic Outlook 2020 Conference on the 20th of February. This event was covered extensively by Business Day and Engineering News.

Ruth Castel-Branco. A people cannot bid farewell to their history Africa is a Country, February 2020

Imraan Valodia. Data and Dominance  CURIOSI.TY, pp. 46 – 47, 2019

Edward Webster. Organising precarious workers in Africa  Open Democracy, 2019

Edward Webster. Mass Strikes and Social Movement Unionism Progress in Political Economy, 2019

David Francis and Imraan Valodia. There’s a nugget of good news in the latest unemployment figures Daily Maverick, 2019

Edward Webster. Trade unions and the Polanyian countermovement: a Southern perspective  Culture, Practice and Europeanization, 2019

Edward Webster. In Memoriam: Rob Lambert (1945-2019) Global Labour Journal, 2019