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Edward Webster published a chapter titled: Rethinking the World of Work in Southern Africa: Building a Social Floor edited by Tina Uys and Jan Marie Fritz in the volume Clinical Sociology for Southern Africa.

Jurgensen K. and Valodia I. (2019) Technological Change and the Future of Work—Some Issues from a Developing Country Perspective. In: Kathuria R., Kukreja P. (eds) 20 Years of G20. Springer, Singapore

Roberts, S., Klaaren, J. and Valodia, I. (2019). Competition and Regulation for Inclusive Growth in Southern Africa. Jacana Media.

Webster, E., Masondo, T. and Bischoff, C. Workers’ Participation at Plant level: the South African case. In Berger, S., Preis, L. and Wannoffel (eds.).  2019.  Companion to Workers Participation at Plant level: a Global and Comparative Perspective. London: Palgrave Publications

Scully, B and Webster, E. 2019. The Countryside and Capitalism: Rethinking the Cheap Labour Thesis in Post-Apartheid South Africa, in Race, Class and the Post-Apartheid Democratic State. Eds. John Reynolds, Ben Fine, and Robert Van Niekerk. UKZN Press. 

Valodia, I. and Francis, D. (2020). Tax and the informal economy. In Chen, M. and Carré, F. (eds) The Informal Economy Revisited Examining the Past, Envisioning the Future London: Routledge


Inequality Studies from the Global South

Inequality studies from the Global South book coverSCIS in collaboration with its’ research network present to you this innovative, interdisciplinary approach to thinking about inequality, and to understanding how inequality is produced and reproduced in the global South. This exciting interdisciplinary collection brings together scholars from across the global South, and indeed the North, to address broad thematic areas and concludes by suggesting alternatives for addressing inequality in the global South and around the world. The innovative ideas and theories put forward by this volume make it an essential read for students and researchers of global inequality across the fields of sociology, economics, law, politics, global studies, and development studies. The volume is published in Southern Africa and Kenya by Wits University Press, (available HERE) and internationally by Routledge (available HERE).

Table of Contents

Preface- David Francis, Imraan Valodia and Edward Webster

Part 1: Introductions and Conceptual Questions on Inequality in the South 

1. Towards a Southern Approach to Inequality: Inequality Studies in South Africa and the Global South - Edward Webster, Imraan Valodia and David Francis
2. Is Hierarchy the Same as Inequality? - Dilip Menon
3. Inequality Under Globalization: State of Knowledge and Implications for Economics - James K. Galbraith and Jaehee Choi 

Part 2: The Political Economy of Inequality in the Global South

4. A Survey of Trends in Macroeconomic Policy and Development in the Global South: From World War II to the Global Financial Crisis and Beyond - Vishnu Padayachee
5. Economic Power and Regulation: The Political Economy of Metals, Machinery and Equipment Industries in South Africa - Sumayya Goga, Pamela Mondliwa and Simon Roberts
6. Inegalitarian Growth: India and Brazil Compared- Alexandre de Freitas Barbosa, Maria Cristina Cacciamali and Gerry Rodgers

Part 3: Work, Households and the Labour Market

7. The Crisis of Social Reproduction in Petty Commodity Production and Large-scale Mining: A Southern Perspective on Gender Inequality - Hibist Kassa
8. Vocational Education and Inequalities in Transitions from Education to Work in Three African Countries - Stephanie Allais

Part 4: Land, Space and Cities

9. Investigating Infrastructures of Urban Inequality - Margot Rubin, Melanie Samson, Sian Butcher, Avril Joffe, Stefania Merlo, Laila Smith and Alex Wafer
10. Social Reproduction at End Moments: Land, Class Formation and Rural Economies in Ghana and South Africa - Akua Britwam and Ben Scully

Part 5: Alternatives

11. Minimum Wages: Tackling Labour Market Inequality - Patrick Belser, David Francis, Kim Jurgensen and Imraan Valodia
12. Building Counter Power in the Workplace: South Africa’s Inequality Paradox - Edward Webster
13. Global Inequality and Human Rights - Radhika Balakrishnan
14. Conclusion - David Francis, Edward Webster and Imraan Valodia

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