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Journal articles

Researchers at the SCIS publish widely in a range of accredited journals. Here is a selection of the latest work by our research team.

Sachs, M., Ewinyu, A.K., and Olwethu, S. (2023) The government wage bill: Employment and compensation trends in South Africa 

Taylor, J. (2023) Just an energy transition? A gendered analysis of energy transition in Northern Cape, South Africa. Agenda

Mhlana, S., Moussie, R., Roever, S., and Rogan, M., Informal employment: what is missing from national economic recovery plans? UNU-WIDER Working Papers 2023/92

Maré, G. (2023) 'Think More Clearly than the State Allows': Rick Turner's Challenge to the Present. South African Historical Journal 

Mhlana, S. (2023) Precarious Work and the Gendered Individualisation of Risk in the South African Manufacturing Sector, 2002-2017. The Global Labour Journal 

Dawson, H. (2023) Faking it or making it: the politics of consumption and the precariousness of social mobility in South Africa. The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute. 

Dawson, H. (2023) Father-Child (dis)connections: Expectations and Practices of Young un(der)employed Fathers in Johannesburg. Sage Journals.

Webster, E. and Forrest, K. 2020. Role of the ILO during and after apartheid. Labour Studies Journal.

Webster, E. Ludwig, C., Masikane, F. and Spooner, D. 2021 Beyond traditional trade unionism: innovative worker responses in three African cities. Globalisations 

Webster, E 2020, ‘The Uberisation of work: the challenge of regulating platform capitalism: a commentary’. International Review of Applied Economics. Volume 34. Pp 512-521 

Webster, E. 2000. ‘Rethinking the World of Work in Southern Africa: Building a Social Floor’, in Jan Fritz and Tina Uys (editors), Clinical Sociology in Southern   Africa. Cape Town: Juta Publishers. Pp183-200

Webster, E and Ludwig,C. (2023) Contesting Digital Technology through New Forms of Transnational Activism. The Global Labour Journal. 

Webster, E.,Schmidt, V., Mhlana,S., and Forrest, K. (2023) ILO Working paper 86. Negotiations by workers in the informal economy 

Dawson, H. (2022). Living, not just surviving: The politics of low-wage urban jobs in South Africa. Economy and Society. 

Castel-Branco, R. (2022). Le machamba, c'est pour la vie. Les contradictions de la paysanneerie au Mozambique, dans un context de précarité. Actuel Marx. 

Francis, D., Joseph, SJ., Sachs, M., and Valodia, I. (2022). Black Economic Empowerment in South Africa: themes and research directions. Transformation. 

Francis, D., and Valodia, I. (2022). Black Economic Empowerment in South Africa: introduction and a review of the labour market literature. Transformation. 

Mashilo, A., and Moothilal, R. (2022). Black Economic Empowerment in the automotive manufacturing industry: a case for productive capacity development transformation. Transformation. 

Cawe, A., Sachs, M., and Valodia, I. (2022). Dancing in Concert? Aligning Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment to sector strategies, structural transformation, and growth. Transformation. 

Cook, S., Agartan, T., and Kaasch, A. (2022). Forum Introduction: Revisiting Targeting and Universalism. Global Social Policy. 

Cook, S., and Staab, S. (2022). Introduction: Covid-19: Lessons for gender-responsive recovery and transformation. Global Social Policy. 

Martinez Franzoni, J., and Cook, S. (2022). Seizing the opportunity to do things differently: Feminist ideas, policies and actors in UN Women’s ‘Feminist Plan for Sustainability and Social Justice’. Global Social Policy. 

Francis, D., & Valodia, I. (2021). Inequality in the South African labour market: The political economy of the national minimum wage. Critical Social Policy. 

Webster, E., & Kenny, B. (2021). The return of the labour process: race, skill, and technology in South African labour studies. Work in the Global Economy

Castel-Branco, R., & Mapukata, S. (2021). Digitalisation and post-work utopias: A view from the global South. South African Labour Bulletin.

Webster, E. (2021). Informal workers and flexible organisation: Seizing the Covid moment. South African Labour Bulletin.

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Webster, E. (2020). Inequality, the pitfalls, and the promise of liberation in Africa-Shadow of Liberation: Contestation and Compromise in the Economic and Social Policy of the African National Congress, 1943-1996, by Vishnu Padayachee & Robert Van Niekerk: book review essay. African Review of Economics and Finance, 12(1), 293-298.

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Mashilo, A. M. 2021 'Collective Bargaining During and After Apartheid: Economic and Social Upgrading in the Automobile Global Value Chains in South Africa', Book chapter in Economic and Social Upgrading in Global Value Chains: Comparative Analyses, Macroeconomic Effects, the Role of Institutions and Strategies for the Global South edited by Christina Teipen, Hansjorg Herr, Petra Dunhaupt, and Fabian Mehl

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Mashilo, A.M. 2021 ‘Technological Revolution in the South African Automotive Manufacturing Industry and the Role of Labour’: Book chapter to be included in: South Africa Confronts the Fourth Industrial Revolution era—Challenges and Possibilities: Case Studies from key sectors edited by the Institute for Global Dialogue submitted Institute for Global Dialogue.

McGregor, W. and Webster, E. 2021. Building a regional solidarity network of transnational activists: an African case study. Tempo Social. Brazil