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Forms for Postgraduate Students in the Faculty of Science.

STEP 1: Submission of Research Proposal

After registration, full-time candidates are required to submit a research proposal within four months (MSc Diss) or six months (PhD). For part-time candidates, the timeframe is eight months (MSc Diss) or twelve months (PhD).

As soon as a student registers, the supervisor should contact the GSC representative from the school to find out the school’s procedure to access and approve a research proposal prior to submission to the faculty.

Once approval for submission has been obtained from the school, the student is required to submit the research proposal together with the completed Submission of Research Proposal and a signed Supervisor PGS Statement of Principles.  

The research proposal is then sent to the Chairperson: GSC for approval. 

Based on the outcome a letter is emailed to the student. The faculty officer enters details of the research proposal on SIMS and onto the next GSC agenda for noting. 

STEP 2: Amendment to Registration

A postgraduate student must complete a PG Studies Amendment Form for the following:

  • Change in title of Thesis/Dissertation/Research Report;
  • Change in supervisor;
  • Conversion from one degree to another;
  • Conversion from full-time to part-time;
  • Extension on submission of research proposal or first submission of Thesis/Dissertation/Research Report;
  • Request for abeyance; and
  • Adding or dropping of courses.
STEP 3: Submission of Progress Reports
  • Progress reports will be emailed to you

Annual Progress Reports are required by the Faculty for each registered candidate in July/August of each calendar year. These progress reports must be completed by the candidate and supervisor; it must then be returned electronically to the Faculty by the Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) representative of each school. 

STEP 4: Intention to Submit for Examination

Three months prior to submission a student should submit an Declaration of Intention to submit for Examination to the Faculty.  This enables the Faculty to check the student’s record for title changes and change in supervisors. The Faculty checks if examiners have been nominated.

To assist students with their submission for examination, the Faculty has produced a Style Guide for Theses, Dissertations and Research Reports.

STEP 5: First Submission

When students are ready to submit their Thesis/Dissertation/Research Report for examination, supervisors should check with the schools' GSC representatives if the students/supervisors have fulfilled the schools' requirement/s to submit their work for examination.  

  • Three months prior to submission a student should have submited an Declaration of Intention to submit for Examination to the Faculty. 
  • Supervisors must ensure examiners have been nominated prior to students submitting for examination.
  • Students can submit for examination against the advice of their Supervisor/s. In such cases the Head of School will be requested to nominate examiners.
Submission Requirements:

First submission of PhD and Msc for Examination

  • Acquiescence Form
  • PDF in electronic format – must include signed declaration (PDF file must be less than 5mb)
  • Supervisor will advise students if they should submit bound copies for examination
  • Turnitin Report not exceeding 15%. If it exceeds 15%, a strong written motivation from the supervisor is required
Process following submission:
  • A student will receive confirmation of submission via email;
  • Faculty endevour to dispatch all submissions at least 72 hours after receipt;
  • Supervisors will receive confirmation of dispatch via email from the Faculty Office;
  • Examiners are given 6 weeks to examine;
  • A spreadsheet tracking examiners reports is available to all Head of Schools and GSC representatives on request;
  • Once all examiners reports for a student are received, the reports are approved by the GSC and forwarded to the student's supervisor via the GSC representative of that School; and
  • If there is a discrepancy with examiners reports, the Faculty will hold an ad hoc committee meeting to consider the examiners reports. 
STEP 6: Final Submission

The student's supervisor will forward examiners reports and recommendations by GSC to the student.

Students are entitled to appropriate supervision while revising theses in response to examiners’ reports.

Revision shall be done within a maximum period of six months, unless application for a further extension is supported by the Faculty Graduate Studies Committee. Faculties will not require students to pay additional fees if revision is completed within three months. Beyond that, candidates will be required to pay all fees. Failure to submit at the end of the period allowed for revision may result in termination of candidature.

Please note:  Final submission must be emailed:


(Documents to be saved in PDF)

  • PDF version of the thesis/ dissertation/ research report with current date and signed declaration with current date.  
  • The Abstract page of the thesis/dissertation/research report to be saved as a separate document.
  • Final submission form.
  • Letter from the Head of School/Postgraduate Coordinator.
  • ETD payment receipt (check final submission form).
  • Fees statement (fees must be settled).
  • List of corrections.
  • 50 word citation – Only PhD candidates.
  • Proof of submission for publication – Only PhD candidates.

A final submission will not be accepted if any of the above are not received.

Other forms and documents