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Wildlife Conservation Physiology Laboratory

The Wildlife Conservation Physiology Lab grew out of the Group’s previous Thermal Physiology Lab, expanding the research focus more broadly to conservation physiology. The lab has two main research themes: to understand the physiological plasticity available to free-living mammals to cope with climate change; and to improve the physiological welfare of mammals during conservation management practices, such as immobilization and translocation.

More information is available on the website:

Projects available:

The Lab may be able to offer projects in areas such as the following:

  • Thermoregulation and activity patterns of free-living mammals
  • Effects of disease on the physiological welfare of free-living mammals
  • Thermal stress of capture
  • Improving the physiology of immobilized animals


Prof Andrea Fuller

Postdoctoral fellows:

Dr Ashleigh Donaldson

Dr Keafon Jumbam

Dr Tanja van de Ven

Honorary staff 

Dr Vinicius Fonseca, Brazil

Dr Anna Haw, Conservation International

Prof Shane Maloney, University of Western Australia

Dr Richard McFarland, UK

Prof Leith Meyer, University of Pretoria

Prof Duncan Mitchell 

Dr Wendy Panaino, Tswalu Kalahari Reserve

Dr Benjamin Rey, France

Prof Edward Snelling, University of Pretoria


Contact person: Andrea Fuller (

A student using tracking equipment next to an off-road vehicle in the Kalahari desert.