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The Wits School of Physiology is located in the Faculty of Health Sciences and plays a strong teaching role in the Faculty of Science.

The School is the largest entity teaching physiology in South Africa, and probably on the continent. It plays a significant role in the training of physiologists; some of its graduates hold high-profile and prestigious appointments in South Africa and throughout the world. Indeed, its graduates can be found as academic staff in many universities teaching physiology in South Africa and overseas.

The School is well known locally and internationally for the outstanding quality of its teaching and research and includes top-rated scientists as well as many experts renowned worldwide in their fields. Every year the School is proud to be “home” to undergraduate and postgraduate students of both human and animal physiology.


To be a world leader in teaching and research in the fields of physiology and pathophysiology.


  • To use the best modern approaches to teaching and research
  • To perform research that is internationally competitive and nationally relevant
  • To foster a culture of independent and cooperative, life-long learning, problem-solving and innovation
  • To be people-centric, team-orientated, and goal-directed.