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Brain Function Research Group

The Brain Function Research Group (BFRG) investigates selected functions of the brain, and physiological and biochemical processes in which the central nervous system plays a key regulatory role.

These selected focus areas are Pain, Sleep and Thermal Physiology. Aspects of thermal physiology investigated are fever and the thermal responses of wild animals to their environment (in Wildlife Conservation Physiology).

For more information on the selected areas of research within the BFRG, click on the links below:




Wildlife Conservation Physiology


Interested in opportunities for postgraduate study in these areas of research? BFRG Postgraduate Opportunities 

Collaborative research is conducted with researchers in the University's Faculties of Health Sciences and Science, and with colleagues at other universities in South Africa and abroad.

Research staff in the BFRG

Prof Andrea Fuller, Director

Dr Antonia Wadley, Lecturer

Dr Prinisha Pillay, Lecturer

Mrs Tapiwa Chinaka, Senior Technician

Mr Zipho Zwane, Technician 

For more information on the Brain Function Research Group, contact Dr Antonia Wadley (