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Haemostasis and Thrombosis Laboratory

Pathologist-in-charge: Dr. Susan Louw

This laboratory conducts on average 5500 tests per month, including the monitoring of patients attending the INR/ Anticoagulation clinic. The activities include the monitoring of warfarin therapy of greater than 100 patients per day (serving in excess of 5 000 patients), the blood results and patients are assessed, dose of warfarin is adjusted and medication dispensed, and there is an INR-clinic training course for nursing sisters (private and public sector) that are conducted on a 6 monthly basis.

This laboratory’s research focus is on the validation of certain assays and analysers necessary to provide an appropriate haemostasis and thrombosis diagnostic service to patients. Validations performed in this past year include the validation of a Platelet Function Analyser (PFA), the validation and implementation of the Nijmegen F8 inhibitor assay, and the validation of assays to measure the activity of new anticoagulants: Rivaroxaban and Dabigatran.

The following research projects are underway in the unit:

  • T. Ramatsui – Haemostatic Management System (HMS): Guiding blood product replacement and anticoagulation therapy in cardiac bypass surgery.
  • J. Vlok - Need to dose adjust prophylactic LMWH therapy in trauma patients.
  • A. Zeijlstra - Coagulation profile in HIV infected children undergoing dental surgery.