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Deciphering Developmental Disorders in Africa


Developmental disorders (DD) are serious disabilities that inflict life-long suffering for affected children and their families, and are a major healthcare and economic burden especially in low income countries. Deciphering Developmental Disorders in Africa (DDD-Africa) - Evaluating Clinical Exome Sequencing in an African Setting, is a multi-faceted research project with co-investigators from the Division of Human Genetics' clinical, counseling and scientist teams, as well as collaborators from the Democratic Republic of Congo and the United Kingdom. 

The genetic contribution to DD in Africa is poorly understood and DDD-Africa aims to address this through the creation of a framework for research and evidence-based healthcare reform. Our long-term goal for the project is to develop a pragmatic and effective approach for the sustainable integration of whole-exome sequencing in DD diagnostics in a way that will enable precision public health approach for Africa.