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Human Genetics

The Division runs the largest clinical & diagnostic genetics service in South Africa. We provide genetic services to both the private and State hospital sector, with the majority of our services being delivered in the State sector. We also have a vibrant training mandate, and currently offer academic programmes to health sciences undergraduate- and postgraduate students (Honours, MSc, PhD, genetic counsellors and medical registrars). 

The mission of the Division is to enhance the quality of life for all South Africans through the provision of effective medical, scientific and educational services based on a commitment to excellence in skills and knowledge in the field of Human Genetics.

We have a broad range of research interests covering many areas of human genetics; including clinical genetics, genetic counseling, monogenic disorders, non-communicable disease, microbiome and population genetics.

Key Contacts

Head of Division:

Prof Amanda Krause
Telephone: 011 489 9211


Research Coordinator and MSc and PhD enquiries:

Prof Zané Lombard
Telephone: 011 489 9208


Teaching/Academic Coordinator:

Dr Robyn Kerr
Telephone: 011 489 9221


Clinical and Counselling Services and MSc (Med) Genetic Counselling:

Mrs Katryn Fourie
Telephone: 011 489 9243/011 489 9223


Laboratory Services:

Ms Angela Turner
Telephone: 011 489 9286