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Academic staff

Professor Simon Mukwembi

Head of School (Acting) | Research interests: Graph theory; distances in graphs, topological indices, applications of graphs in biology and chemistry (drug design), leaf number, irregularity in graphs | 

Senior Lecturer | Research interests: Differential Geometry |

Professor Margaret Archibald

Associate Professor | Research interests: Enumerative combinatorics, discrete mathematics, generating functions, genome sequencing, analytic combinatorics|

Professor Willem Conradie

Professor | Research interests: Non-classical logics, including modal, temporal, hybrid, non-distributive and many-valued logics | 

Professor Sonja Currie

Professor | Research interests: Functional analysis, Operator Theory, Difference and differential equations

Dr Alexander Davison

Lecturer | Research interests: Differential equations, Lie symmetry methods, boundary value problems |

Professor Mensah Folly-Gbetoula

Associate Professor | Research Interests: Lie analysis of difference equations and differential equations

Professor Marié Grobbelaar

Professor | 

Professor Yorick Hardy

Associate Professor | Research interests: Linear and multilinear algebra, partial operations on matrices and tensors |

Dr Chinedu Izuchukwu

Lecturer | Research interests: Fixed Point Algorithms, Optimization Theory, Variational Inequalities and Monotone Inclusions |

Professor Sameerah Jamal

Associate Professor | Research interests: Symmetry methods of differential equations, exact solutions, recursion operators and conservation laws. Symmetries in relativity: conformal algebras, collineations and geodesics. Lie group theory: algebras and optimal sets |

Professor Abdul Kara

Professor | Research interests: Lie group analysis of differential equations, invariance and reduction of differential equations, conservation laws, manifolds and differential geometry |

Professor Arnold Knopfmacher

Research Professor | Research interests: Analytic Combinatorics and Enumerative Combinatorics |

Professor Betsie Jonck

Professor | Research interests: Graph Theory colourings and domination, Distances in graphs, Ramsey Theory

Dr Wen-Chi Kuo

Senior Lecturer | Research interests: Stochastic Processes and Vector Lattices |

Dr Christo Kriel

Lecturer | Research interests: Graph theory: Graph polynomials - k-defect polynomials and the Tutte polynomial, Graph connectivity, graph operators and intersection graphs, Concept analysis, Misconceptions and misunderstanding in first year mathematics |

Dr Rugare Kwashira 

Senior Lecturer | Research interests: Algebra: Finite groups, Mislin Genus and Non cancellation sets |

Professor Florian Luca

Professor | Research interests: Number Theory | 

Dr Ronnie Maartens

Lecturer | Research interests: Graph Theory, Random Graph Theory, Ramsey Theory and other types of graph colorings |

Dr Ben Mahudu

Lecturer | Research interests: Topology, category theory, Frolicher spaces, differential geometry|

Dr Phetogo Masemola

Lecturer | Research interests: Lie symmetry methods and conservation laws to applied differential equations with a particular interest in Schrodinger type equations |    

Dr Carminda Mennen

Senior Tutor | Research interests: Continued fractions, Farey fractions and the Farey tessellation of hyperbolic space, Mobius maps, discrete groups, complex dynamics and approximations

David Merand

Lecturer | Research interests: Mathematical misconceptions, Educational Technology, Machine Learning, Data Science; Quantum Computing |

Professor Manfred Möller

Professor Emeritus | Research interests: Operator Theory, Functional Analysis, Linear Differential Operators, Spectral Theory |

Professor Eunice Mphako-Banda

Professor | Research interests: Low Dimension Topology- Knot Theory, Matroid Theory, Graph Theory and

Dr Boitumelo Moletsane

Lecturer | Research interests: Analysis of quadratic operator pencils |

Professor Augustine Munagi

Professor | Research Interests: Partitions of numbers, Partitions of finite sets, Compositions of numbers, Topics in Elementary Number Theory | Member of the editorial board of Discrete Mathematics Letters

Dr Darlison Nyirenda

Senior Lecturer | Research interests: Partition theory and q-Series |

Dr Chibueze Christian Okeke

Lecturer | Research interests: Optimization and Variational Problem, Fixed Point Theory, Variational Inequalities, Numerical Analysis to Optimization Problems |  

Dr Jabulani Phakathi

Lecturer | Research interest: Ramsey theory

Dr Samuel Ssekajja 

Lecturer | Research interests: Differential Geometry, Mathematical Relativity, Geometry of Null Spaces | 

Dr Mukinayi Hermenegilde Tshilombo

Senior Lecturer | Research interests: Differential and Finsler geometries; topologies and bornology, C*-algebra in the category of Frolicher spaces |

Dr Alma van der Merwe

Research interests: Linear Algebra, Matrix Analysis, Control Theory, Operator Theory, Complex Analysis and Functional Analysis | 

Professor Bruce Watson

Professor Research areas: Functional Analysis, Stochastic Processes and Spectral Theory of Differential Operators |

Professor Yevhen Zelenyuk

Professor | Research interests: Topology, algebra, combinatorics |

Professor Yuliya Zelenyuk

Professor | Research interests: Algebra, Ramsey theory, enumerative combinatorics, topological algebra |

Dr Bertin Zinsou

Senior Lecturer | Research interests: Functional Analysis, Differential operators, Spectral theory of differential operators, dependence problems with transmission conditions, Fixe point theory |