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AJIC Issue 19, 2016

Thematic Issue: Knowledge Governance for Development

The contributions in this issue address elements of knowledge governance (e.g., knowledge policymaking, law-making, management, appropriation, creation, access, use, sharing, transfer) with relevance to development in Africa. 

Dr Chris Armstrong, LINK Centre, University of the Witwatersrand (Wits), Johannesburg

Dr Tobias Schonwetter, IP Unit, University of Cape Town

AJIC 19, Full Issue

AJIC 19, Full Issue, Print-on-Demand Version

Conceptualising Knowledge Governance for Development - Chris Armstrong and Tobias Schonwetter

Utility Model Protection in Kenya: The Case for Substantive Examination - Isaac Rutenberg and Lillian Makanga

Using the Living Lab Approach to Develop and Adapt a Context-Aware ICT4D Solution - Felix Ntawanga and Alfred Coleman

Policy Modalities for Support of Ethiopia’s Creative Industries - Wondwossen Belete

Assessing the Potential Role of Open Data in South African Environmental Management - Rachel Adams Ward and Fola Adeleke

MOOCs as “Semicommons” in the Knowledge Commons Framework - Kyle Rother

Reflections on Intellectual Property Benefit-Sharing in Employment Situations in Ghana - Poku Adusei

Geographical Indications (GIs) as Tools for Agricultural Knowledge Governance in Selected East and Southern African Countries - Tesh Dagne

Copyright, and Photographs or Videos of Public Art, in South Africa: An Imperfect Picture - Bram Van Wiele

Technology Transfer for Climate Change Mitigation: A Perspective from Kenya - Caroline Mwaura

Review: On Intellectual Property Cooperation and the Public Interest in Africa - Reviewer: Susan Isiko Štrba