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South Africa's Copyright Amendment Bill

Blog post (18 May 2017) by Wits University Scholarly Communications Librarian Denise Nicholson

The South African Copyright Amendment Bill was introduced to Parliament this week.

Now we need to keep an eye out for notices in the Government Gazette and newspapers about public hearings in and submissions to the Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry at Parliament in Cape Town.  Please alert me if you see such a notice.

In the meantime, please read the Bill and let me know if there is anything that concerns you or that we should bring to the attention of the Portfolio Committee. Otherwise let me know if you are happy with the Bill as it stands. 

There some more restrictive language under fair use and quotations (which was not in the original Draft Bill but have now been added in this Bill), but we will ensure this is brought to the attention of the Portfolio Committee, as this will have an impact on education, research, etc.  If you also want to add this to your submission, please let me know so I can give you more information on this.