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Women Experts | Analysts | Researchers

Thokozani Chilenga-Butao

  • Political Studies
  • 0117174379
  • Areas of expertise: Public administration, decentralisation (spheres of government: national, provincial, local spheres, and their departments), basic education and how it is governed (national Department of Basic Education and its provincial offices), interventions in government (also known as placing provincial or local government under 'administration')

Dr Nicky Falkof

  • Media Studies
  • 011 7174165
  • Areas of expertise: Occult violence, Satanism, violence against women, masculinity, white racism, fear and anxiety in the media, moral panics and urban legends, popular culture

Caryn Abrahams 

  • School of Governance
  • 011 717 3697
  • Areas of expertise: Urban planning, Development, Agribusiness , Intergovernmental relations and governance, Local councillors and local politics , and Race, social cohesion and social change

Professor Stephanie Allais

  • Research Chair of Skills Development and Professor of Education at the Centre for Researching Education and Labour 
  • 011 717 3353
  • Areas of expertise: Research into Education and Labour Market  

Dr B Camminga

  • African Centre for Migration and Society
  • 011 717 2159
  • Areas of expertise: transgender rights, LGBT refugees, transgender asylum seekers, transgender migrants, gender, sexuality

Professor Ruksana Osman

  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Academic; former Dean of the Faculty of Humanities; and former Head of the School of Education
  • 0117171141
  • Areas of expertise: Education

Thanesha Rajoo

Professor Emeritus Marissa Rollnick

Dr Kelly Gillespie

  • Anthropology
  • 011 717 4406
  • Areas of expertise: Criminal justice, political and legal anthropology, South African history, race, and sexuality

Professor Shireen Hassim

  • Political Studies
  • Areas of expertise: Feminist theory and politics; social movements and collective action; the politics of representation; affirmative action; social policy

Associate Professor Jo Vearey

Professor Melissa Steyn

  • Director: Centre for Diversity Studies
  • 011 717 4418
  • Areas of expertise: Politics of difference and diversity related issues – race, gender, disability, sexuality etc. Identities; Race, racism, anti-racism 

Tasneem Essop

  • Society, Work and Politics Institute (SWOP)
  • 011717 4460
  • Areas of expertise: South African politics, political parties, political organisations, protest movements, populism

Dr Ayesha Omar

Professor Lucy Allais

  • Philosophy Studies and Wits Centre for Ethics
  • 011 717 4349
  • Areas of expertise: Philosophy and Ethics 

Dr Dineo Skosana

  • Political Studies
  • 011 717 4782
  • Areas of expertise: Traditional leadership in a democracy; mining-induced land disposession; mining and grave relocations, mineral and heritage law

Professor Cathy Albertyn

  • School of Law
  • 011 717 8467
  • Areas of expertise: Constitutional law and human rights, equality, gender and reproductive rights

Dr Michelle Small

  • International Relations
  • 011 717 4487
  • Areas of expertise: Conflict in Africa; urban violence; election violence; elections in Africa

Gabriele Mohale

  • Archivist, Historical Papers Research Archive
  • 011 717 1940
  • Areas of expertise: Apartheid archives, history

Professor Sarah Nuttall

  • Director: Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research (WiSER)
  • 011 717 4226
  • Areas of expertise: Literary and Cultural Studies

Professor Umakrishnan Kollamparambil

Professor Mary Scholes

  • School of Animal, Plant and Environmental Sciences
  • 011 717 6407
  • Areas of expertise: Improving the productivity and sustainability of South African plantation forests and natural savanna ecosystems by applying ecosystem based scientific approaches. Improving the understanding, at the process level, of the factors controlling trace gas emissions from soils and vegetation and the extrapolation of these data to the Southern African region and globally. The development of a strong, cohesive postgraduate school and research network of national and international scientists in which she act as both a supervisor and advisor

Dr Vivienne Williams

  • School of Animal, Plant and Environmental Sciences
  • Areas of expertise: The trade in alien plant species for traditional medicine; The trade in lion bones from South Africa to Asia

Professor Coleen Vogel

  • Global Change Institute and the School of Animal, Plant and Environmental Sciences
  • 011 717 6603
  • Areas of expertise: Climate science; Climate change; the human side of climate change; Trans-disciplinary research to better understand how we can engage the wider public, society and business to make decisions around climate change

Dr Raeesa Moolla

  • School of Geography, Archaeology and Environmental Studies
  • 011 717 6522
  • Areas of expertise: Climatology and synoptic meteorology; Meteorological processes; Issues surrounding air quality; Environmental health risks

Professor Tracy-Lynn Humby

  • Wits School of Law
  • 011 717 8460
  • Areas of expertise: Regulating the environmental and social impacts of mining, the resilience of social-ecological ecosystems, urban resilience and climate change; Law; Sustainability 

Dr Precious Biyela

  • School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • 011 717 7152
  • Areas of expertise: Waste Water Engineering; Municipal waste water from collection through treatment to final disposal; Review of wastewater quality; Impact of wastewater disposal on the environment 

Siphokazi Madida

Alison Kearney

Dr Rene Ferguson

Dr Thobeka Nkomo

Dr Motlalepule Nathane-Taulela 

Nompumelelo Seme 

Shadi Madida

Dr Simangele Mayisela