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Theory in qualitative health research

When: Thursday, 14 October 2021 - Thursday, 14 October 2021
Where: Online Event
Start time:14:00

Dr Sonja Klingberg


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Qualitative Health Research Series Webinar 3

In this webinar we will hear from qualitative health researchers about the role of theory in their research. The purpose is to open a dialogue about this often overlooked or even feared aspect of qualitative health research, and support students or others new to qualitative research in finding their way to confidently engaging with theory.

Keynote Speakers

Dr Sarah Hamed, DDS

Dr Hamed is a dentist and a PhD candidate at the Department of Sociology at Uppsala University in Sweden. Her research interests are on migration and healthcare. Her doctoral project looks at racism in healthcare focusing on Swedish healthcare. Dr Hamed previously worked with a European project where she examined access to healthcare in superdiverse neighbourhoods. She also works as part of the MigHealthCare project funded by the European Commission aiming at strengthening community-based care for migrants. As a dentist, Dr Hamed worked in both Sweden and in Sudan.


Dr Ferdinand Mukumbang, PhD

Dr Mukumbang is an Acting Assistant Professor in Implementation Sciences at the School of Global Health, University of Washington. He holds a PhD in Public Health from the University of Western Cape in South Africa. He is specialized in health policy and systems research with a particular interest in complexity-sensitive approaches and theories.

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