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Facilitating Online (FO)

When: Wednesday, 01 September 2021
Where: Online Event
Start time:8:00

For Bookings or enquiries contact: Yasmina Dadabhay-


As a Wits academic, you are now required to develop a blended approach to your courses and include an online component. This facilitating online course (FO), an open educational resource that has been reconceptualised for the Wits context, will support you in this new role as an online facilitator and designer of online interactions and engagements. You will develop the design skills required to create interactive online learning experiences, the facilitation skills required to enable meaningful online discussions, and the technical skills to use tools (such as blogs, podcasts, and synchronous communication software) to deepen student engagement. At the end of this course, you are required to submit an e-portfolio (electronic collection of evidence) of your personal growth as an online facilitator. As an end of course assessment, the e-portfolio will demonstrate your learning journey over a period of time. The course is offered twice a year with each offering facilitated over a period of eight weeks (week 0—7). The offerings are facilitated in a fully online modality.

Notional hours for this accredited course are calculated at 100 hours.

  • 60 hours    online    engagement—readings/activities,     discussions,    desktop research
  • 20 hours self-study research/following links
  • 10 hours live virtual sessions
  • 10 hours final assessment—comprises approximately 60—90 minutes a day over a week to complete an e-portfolio

Dates: 2nd Run 1 Sept—22 October 2021 (8 weeks)

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