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Study Techniques - Strategising

When: Monday, 07 December 2020 - Monday, 07 December 2020
This is a virtual workshop that will take plce on the Wits e-Learning platform SAKAI. See details below
Start time:16:00

Tel: 011 717 9140 / 32 | Email:


The Last Push - Strategising!

How do you study, what are some of the methods you’ve learnt along the way, is it effective and what are others doing – Let us learn from each other!

To join the workshop, join or subscribe to the SAKAI worksite POSITIVE MENTAL HEALTH HUB . Once you have entered your ID and password, click on HOME >> click on MEMBERSHIP >> click on JOINABLE SITES >> click on SEARCH >> search for POSITIVE MENTAL HEALTH HUB >> click JOIN

For additional support visit STUDY SKILLS and MENTAL HEALTH TOPICS

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