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Carlo Mombelli and the Prisoners of Strange

When: Saturday, 02 March 2024
Where: The Chris Seabrooke Music Hall
Start time:19:30

Peter Cartwright


Tickets are available on Webtickets 

Cost: R 250

The Wits Seabrooke Concerts offer you performances by leading South African and international musicians in a world-class acoustic.

This concert features Mombelli’s project, ‘The Prisoners of Strange’ with the powerful voice of Siya Makuzeni, Marcus Wyatt on horns, Justin Badenhorst on drums, & the composer/bassist, Mombelli.

Between them they have toured the world, performed on some of the greatest international festivals, recorded with some of the greatest legends in the South African as well as international music scene, and their album ‘Theory’ is still as fresh & innovative as the day it came.

Bassist Carlo Mombelli is something of a sage figure. He remains one of the most restlessly creative forces in South African jazz - All about JAZZ (New York).

Carlo’s music has been described in the press as: Hauntingly beautiful - BBC London.

It is music of outrageous, almost scandalous beauty - Die Weltwoche Switzerland.

Carlo Mombelli and The Prisoners of Strange

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