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Integrating different kinds of knowledge: How ‘autonomy tours’ from LCT are the way to go

When: Friday, 13 March 2020 - Friday, 13 March 2020
Where: Parktown Education Campus
Start time:14:00

Professor Karl Maton, Director of the Centre of Knowledge-Building at the University of Sydney will present this seminar.

A key question for education is how to bring together different forms of knowledge. Teachers need to connect students’ experiences with academic knowledge and integrate study skills into teaching subject areas, and bring together disciplines. Scholars often need to bring together different disciplines in their research. In this talk Professor Maton will discuss the LCT concepts of ‘autonomy codes’ which conceptualise where knowledge practices come from and for what purpose they are used. He will draw on classroom data from a major research project to analyse how teachers attempt to integrate two different forms of knowledge and why a particular way of teaching called ‘autonomy tours’ is the key to success.

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