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Decolonising African Education Systems

When: Friday, 13 November 2020 - Friday, 13 November 2020
Where: Online Event
Start time:17:30



The Centre in African Philanthropy and Social Investment at the Wits Business School will host this webinar on decolonising education in Africa.

Many African formal education institutions, like others in the global south, have their roots in colonialism. With the advent of imperialism, Western models of education were adopted in African schools and institutions of learning that largely excluded indigenous knowledge that is on the continent. As a result, existing African knowledge and practices were decimated to a large extent in formal settings of instruction.

How can we develop and exchange deeper insights on the effects that colonialism has had on African education systems in order to reclaim the continent’s own history, culture, language and identity? What needs to be done in order to ensure that the knowledge that is generated in our education systems is contextualised to our nations and regions?

Evidently, the complete decolonising of Africa’s academic systems will not happen overnight. This is an endeavour that goes beyond the confines of the academic institutions themselves, as it requires rethinking of our education systems that taps into all sectors of society.

Facilitator: Chilu Lemba, Voice Over Professional


  • Keratiloe Mogotsi, Programme Manager, Wits Business School
  • Prof Sunday O Ojo, Executive Director, Inclusive African Indigenous Language Technology Institute:
  • Dr Grieve Chelwa, Senior Lecturer, University of Cape Town
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