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Decolonial thought and African consciousness for socially just health systems: An imaginative space

When: Wednesday, 30 September 2020 - Friday, 02 October 2020
Where: Online Event
Start time:14:00
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The Wits School of Public Health, with partners will host this conference on decolonising health systems in Africa.

The conference foregrounds African people as experts, and provides an opportunity for scholars to discuss solutions to the health systems challenges faced on the African continent. This convening seeks to do that in the area of African Health Policy and Systems Research (HPSR) by making space for scholars and practitioners to build collective capacity to engage in critical decolonial scholarship with the aim of envisioning socially just health systems on the continent. 

This conference is provided as a space for an African conversation that will begin to build solidarity across countries, regions and contexts, breaking down colonially-imposed divides to reorient African knowledge, realities and people, lifting these up as valuable and legitimate knowledge bearers able to shape the field on the continent and beyond. 

Session speakers include:

  • Professor Laetitia Rispel, Wits School of Public Health on Exploring the intersection between decoloniality and African health systems - A conversation in ‘post-colonial’ Africa 
  • Dr. Kui Muraya, Post-Doctoral Social Scientist at the KEMRIWellcome Trust Research Programme on Creating an African Project: Rethinking the configuration of knowledge to advance African health and health systems 
  • Tanya Charles. Feminist Activist, Program and Impact Lead, Atlantic Institute on From Paradigm to Praxis: Tools for decolonial, African health systems and policy and research 

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Twitter: @AfriDecolHealth

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