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Whose evidence matters? African practitioners critique evidence informed decision-making practice

When: Friday, 06 September 2019 - Friday, 06 September 2019
Where: Parktown Management Campus
Donald Gordon Auditorium
Start time:13:00

CLEAR AA at Wits will host this seminar.

The field of evidence-based decision-making (EBDM) is broadening and therefore a growing need to establish what credible and usable evidence is. It is important to ask who defines evidence and whose evidence counts. This seminar is an opportunity to explore alternative African EBDM narratives that may contrast with the linear knowledge systems and norms championed by the global EBDM field, and for African practitioners to share their lived experiences and Insights. Participants of the DETPA programme, who come from a range of countries, organisations and sectors, will present at the seminar. The panel consists of professionals from Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa and Zambia responsible for building national evaluation systems, or in positions of influence in terms of policy, planning and evaluation.

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