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African resource governance amidst political transitions and rising social resistance

When: Thursday, 01 March 2018 - Thursday, 01 March 2018
Where: Braamfontein Campus East
Classroom G, Research Hub, Wits School of Governance
Start time:12:30


The Wits School of Governance (WSG) will host this talk.

Presentations will be made by Chris Rutledge (mining project officer with ActionAid South Africa); Makoma Lakalakala (a climate/energy project officer with Earthlife Africa) and Patrick Bond (Professor of Political Economy at the WSG).

In the wake of the African Mining Indaba, there is renewed confidence in the extractive industries, boosted by a 10% price rise since 2015's catastrophic crash. Several resource-rich countries in the region (South Africa, Zimbabwe and Angola) are changing political leadership from prior regimes considered highly corrupt. Yet these industries remain inadequately regulated, especially in terms of 'Resource Curse' complaints from civil society. As tough questions now arise about the net economic benefits of mining, in addition to many other grassroots and labour grievances, a rethink of the governance of mining is more urgent than ever. 

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