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What does spatial transformation mean? Possibilities for a more equitable, livable Johannesburg

When: Friday, 02 June 2017 - Friday, 02 June 2017
Where: Off campus
Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Study, 1 Tolip Street, Westdene
Start time:8:00

Inolofatseng Lekaba at

The Wits City Institute in collaboration with the Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Study will host this one day seminar.

What can we learn about the city from the new forms of privatised public space like hipster Maboneng, 44 Stanley, and parts of Braamfontein as well as the increasing number of walled-off micro spaces such as gated complexes, cluster developments, boomed-off areas, 'China' malls and American-style malls?  

This one day seminar consists of four sections: Johannesburg: Critical Concerns ; Rethinking Challenges and Exploring Solutions; a round table discussion between local government officials, scholars, urban developers and an art exhibition and theoretical photo essay on Johannesburg and New Delhi.

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