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Experimental wonderings in bioinformatics: Using high performance computing to unlock DNA’s secrets

When: Tuesday, 07 November 2017 - Tuesday, 07 November 2017
Where: Braamfontein Campus East
Senate Room, 2nd Floor, Solomon Mahlangu House
Start time:17:30
Enquiries: / (011) 717-1193

Professor Scott Hazelhurst from the School of Electrical and Information Engineering will deliver his inaugural lecture on bioinformatics.

Bioinformatics is a new discipline that has helped transform modern molecular biology and genetics. High performance computing and mathematical techniques allow mining huge amounts of DNA data to find answers to answer research problem. Work is usually collaborative and inter-disciplinary spanning from novel algorithm and tool development to applied problems including finding genes responsible for diseases, understanding population diversity and history,

This talk introduces the discipline through three collaborative projects that illustrate different aspects of the discipline: clustering DNA fragments, the design of a genotyping array suitable for African populations, and a gut microbiome project.

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