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Opportunities for Industrial Liaison

Our School encourages collaborative work with industry. Collaboration can take many forms and may not necessarily involve funding. If any of the following opportunities (or perhaps even others that are not listed) interest you, please contact us.

  • Undergraduate laboratory projects offer opportunities to assess the viability of certain projects.
  • Postgraduate projects offer the opportunity to investigate thoroughly more complex problems over a period of one to three years.
  • The School may enter into contractual research in order to investigate problems that require the expertise of our staff and the facilities available at Wits.
  • Our academic staff may undertake consulting work in specialist fields.
  • Academic staff are able to present courses to members of the public or organisations.
  • Funding and partnerships with research groups can be used to fund postgraduate students, and is a high impact human social development activity.
  • The school has an annual career "speed dating" event for postgraduates and fourth year students and we are always looking to add new opportunities for the students.

Companies interested in further information should contact the Head of School (email below), or alternatively contact a suitable academic staff member directly.

Industrial Advisory Board

The school has an active industrial advisory board which meets on a biannual basis. This affords an opportunity for industry to provide feedback on the industry in general, recent graduates as well as research directions. The school uses this feedback to tailor our programs with a long term view to continue to produce world-class, renowned graduates.

If you would like to be a member of the IAB, please contact the head of school.

Head of School Email: