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Book chapters

Here we showcase chapters directly leading out of CUBES activities/projects or co-authored between CUBES affiliates - 2014 to date

  • Huchzermeyer, M. and Kornienko, K. (forthcoming). Unsettling the formal-informal binary: right to development and self-determination in the Harry Gwala settlement trajectory in Ekurhuleni, South Africa. In Appelhans, N., Rawhani, C., Huchzermeyer, M., Olayowo, B. and Sihlongonyane, M. (eds), Everyday Urban Practices in Africa: Disrupting Global Norms, Routledge, London, in press.
  • Huchzermeyer, M. (2022) Rethinking urban resettlement and displacement from the perspective of “home” in the interruption and uncertainty brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. In Beier, R., Spire, A., and Bridonneau, M. (eds.) Urban Resettlements in the Global South – Lived Experiences of Housing and Infrastructure between Displacement and Relocation,pp.193-209. Routledge, Abingdon & New York. Open Access
  • Charlton, S and Rubin, M (2021) Facing Homelessness: Scales of spatial exclusion. Chapter in de Beer, S and Valley, R (eds) Facing homelessness: finding inclusionary, collaborative solutions. AOSIS Scholarly Books.  Available open access here
  • Huchzermeyer, M. and Obala, L (2019). Managing Urban Residential Density: From Crisis and Tragedy to Tentative Political Will in Nairobi. In Albert I. and Lawanson, T. (eds), Urban Crisis and Management in Africa. A Festschrift for Prof. Akin Mabogunje.  Pp.197-213. Pan-African University Press, Austin, Texas.   
  • Charlton, S (2019) Learning from low-income living in an inner-city suburb to inform policy. Chapter in Claire Bénit-Gbaffou, Sarah Charlton, Sophie Didier, Kirsten Doerman (eds), The Politics of Community-Oriented Research - Learning from Yeoville Studio, Johannesburg, Johannesburg: Wits University Press.
  • Rubin, M and Charlton, S (2019) State Led Housing Provision Twenty Five Years On: Change, Evolution, and Agency on Johannesburg’s Edge. Chapter in Guney, KM, Keil, R and Ucogli, M (eds) Massive Suburbanization: (Re)Building the Global Periphery. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.
  • Haferburg, M. and Huchzermeyer, M. (2017). Redlining or renewal? The space-based construction of decay and its contestation through local agency in Brixton, South Africa. Kirkness, P. and Tijé-Dra, A. (eds) Negative Neighbourhood Reputation and Place Attachment: The Production and Contestation of Territorial Stigma. Pp.60-80, Routledge, Oxon.
  • Charlton, S. and Klug, N. (2016) Pressures on practice: how RDP housing and other factors have shaped informal settlement upgrading in Ethekwini municipality.  Chapter in L, Cirolia,, T, Görgens, M, van Donk, W, Smit, and S, Drimie, (eds.) Pursuing a Partnership Based Approach to Incremental Informal Settlement Upgrading in South Africa, UCT Press, Cape Town.
  • Huchzermeyer, M. and Karam, A. (2016). South African housing policy over two decades: 1994-2014. In Kepe, T., Levin, M. and von Liers, B. (eds), Domains of Freedom: Justice, Citizenship and Social Change in South Africa. Pp.85-104. UCT Press, Cape Town – open access
  • Haferburg, C. and Huchzermeyer, M. (2014). An introduction to the governing of post-apartheid cities. In Haferburg, C. and Huchzermeyer, M. (eds), Urban Governance in Postapartheid Cities: Modes of Engagement in South Africa’s Metropoles. pp.3-14. Borntraeger Science Publishers, Stuttgart, and UKZN Press, Scottsville.
  • Huchzermeyer, M., Karam, A. and Maina, M. (2014). Informal Settlements. In Harrison, P., Gotz, G., Todes, A. and Wray, C. (eds), Changing Space, Changing City: Johannesburg after Apartheid. Pp. 154-175. Wits University Press, Johannesburg – open access