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Mathematics in Industry

The Mathematics in Industry Focus Area aims to use mathematical techniques that encompass areas such as mathematical modelling, big data analysis, and machine learning to solve real-world problems. They focus on interdisciplinary approaches, solving problems in industries like mining, conservation, and finance, to name a few. To date, they have helped the mining, sugar, conservation, and local farming industries through the use of interdisciplinary research.

But they don’t just focus on industry problems: they are passionate about developing the skills of emerging young researchers in South Africa, and, more broadly, Africa. They also produce publications that are of interest to the scientific community, and encourage participation of academics and graduate students specialising in different fields of the Mathematical Sciences.


David Mason (Wits) Focus Area Coordinator (FAC) 
Erick Mubai (Wits) Junior Focus Area Coordinator (JFAC)
Ashleigh Hutchinson (Wits)
Avnish Magan (Wits)
Gideon Fareo (Wits)
Jeff Sanders (AIMS)
Keegan Anderson (UJ)
Masood Khalique (NWU)
Montaz Ali (Wits)
Nick Hale (SU)
Precious Sibanda (UKZN)
Rahab Kgatle (Wits)
Rodwell Kufakunesu (UP)
Syamala Krishnannair (UniZulu)
Thama Duba (Wits)