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Mathematical Modelling and Analysis in Life Sciences

This focus area is devoted to recent advances in life sciences that are based on applications of mathematics as well as mathematics which is applied or motivated by biological studies. The focus area seeks to promote multidisciplinary research, bringing together mathematicians, applied mathematicians, biologists, ecologists and other practitioners in life and medical sciences. With so many sub-themes, multidisciplinary research is at the forefront of the activities.

South Africa, like many other developing countries, is deeply affected by diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, and cancer, among others. Therefore, there is need for a knowledge-based approach to fight them. On the other hand, as a nation endowed with natural resources such as wildlife (animals, plants, fungi, etc), there is need for the development of knowledge-based policies for their sustainable management. Postgraduate students are trained in these research areas, and workshops are organised with the aim to influence the formulation of health policies.


Michael Chapwanya (UP) Focus Area Coordinator (FAC)
Phindile Dumani (UP) Assistant Focus Area Coordinator (AFAC) 
Alex Welte (SU)
Barend Erasmus (UP)
Cang Hui (SU)
Chinenye Assumpta Nnakenyi (SU)
Farai Chirove (UJ)
Farai Nyabadza (UJ)
Jacek Banasiak (UP)
Jean Lubuma (Wits)
Justin Munganga (UNISA)
Kesh Govinder (UKZN)
Maria Vivien Visaya (UJ)
Michael Chapwanya (UP)
Michel Verstraete (Wits)
Patrick Tchempo Djomegni (NWU)
Roumen Anguelov (UP)
Salisu Garba (UP)
Segun Isaac Oke (UP) 
Tony Booth (RU)