Faculty of Commerce, Law and Management

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Our impact areas

The Faculty of Commerce, Law and Management is at the forefront of addressing the multitude of challenges faced by South Africa and the world. In line with Wits 2033, we offer academic qualifications and pursue programmes of knowledge production that promote social good. We are catalysts for change and play an active role in our society, particularly in addressing inequality and economic growth, promoting democracy and good governance, advocating for climate justice, and navigating the opportunities and challenges of digital transformation.

Our world-leading research in these areas informs our teaching programmes, while our centres and outreach entities play an important role in helping us engage with and impact society. We welcome you to explore and learn more about how our people, projects, programmes, and research outputs are making an impact.


Environment and Climate Justice

Addressing the impacts of climate change on vulnerable communities to ensure equitable access to a sustainable future for all.

Digital Transformation

Harnessing the full potential of technology, driving innovation, efficiency, and connectivity in a rapidly evolving world.

Governance and Democracy

Fostering transparency, accountability, and participatory decision-making. 

Economic Growth and Inequality

Paving the way for a more sustainable and inclusive future.