Counselling and Careers Development Unit

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How do I get Counselling?

Walk into the CCDU, and you will be attended to by our intake therapist. This will be a short session to understand your need and direct you to the appropriate support required. You may have to wait a bit, depending on how many students are ahead of you at the time, but you will get attended to. Refer to the infographic below.

Email us:  - This is another way to connect with us.  One of our staff will attend to and respond to your email during regular office hours.  The Unit can also be contacted telephonically on 011 717 9140 during 08h00-14h00 Mon-Fri.

Emergency telephonic counselling can be accessed on Wits Students Crisis Line on 0800 111 331.  This line is available to all Wits Students 24/7/365.  The Wits Student Crisis App is also available for students who prefer live chat or text counselling.  

Our workshop, groups or presentations happen at various points in the day, in the evenings and online. For more on this refer to the EVENTS SECTION

How to Access Therapy