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Academic Staff



Head of School    

  • Prof Frances Duncan (Invertebrate Physiology, Ecophysiology, Social Insects, Insect Behaviour)

Academic Staff

  • Prof Graham Alexander (Ecophysiology, Herpetology)
  • Dr Sally Archibald (Dynamics of savanna ecosystems in the context of global change)
  • Prof Kevin Balkwill (Serpentine and Witwatersrand Flora, Acanthaceae, Indigenous Plant Use)
  • Prof Marcus Byrne (Biological Control, Dung Beetle Biology)
  • Dr Shalini Dukhan (Science Education)
  • Dr Jolene Fisher
  • Dr John Fletcher (Honorary Senior Lecturer)
  • Dr David Furniss (Landscape and Disturbance Ecology, Phytoremediation, Rehabilitation and Restoration, Ecological modelling and Remote Sensing)
  • Dr Kelsey Glennon
  • Prof Glynis Goodman-Cron (Systematics, Phytogeography, Science Education)
  • Ms Kirsty-Jane Hartman (Conservation Biology, Wildlife Management)
  • Dr James Harrison (Entomology (Scarab beetles), Scarab Beetle Taxonomy & Systematics, Beetles Pollination, Invertebrate  Damage to Bone)
  • Dr Robyn Hetem
  • Dr Kim Madikiza
  • Prof Jason Marshal (Applied Population Ecology, Quantitative Ecology)
  • Dr Mapula Matimolane (Science Education)
  • Mr Donald McCallum (Serpentine Flora, Flora of the Witwatersrand, Green roofs)
  • Prof Dave Mycock (Seed Biology, Plant in vitro Culture, Cryopreservation)
  • Dr Mduduzi Ndlovu (Ornithology: life history strategies and disease ecology)
  • Prof Norman Owen-Smith (Large Mammal Ecology, Quantitative Conservation Biology)
  • Dr Francesca Parrini (Large Mammal Ecology and Conservation, Landscape ecology, Remote Sensing)
  • Prof Neville Pillay (Small Mammal Behaviour, Ecology and Evolution)
  • Dr Ida Risenga (Effect of Climate Change on various medical plants, Phytochemistry and Product development)
  • Prof Mary Scholes (Biogeochemistry of Savanna Ecosystems, Soil Biological Processes)
  • Dr Ute Schwaibold (Impacts of disturbance on small mammal communities and behaviour)
  • Dr Gavin Snow (Water Quality in the Environment, Ecological Health, Diatom Ecology, Microalgae, Macroinvertabrates, Riparian Vegetation, Salt Marshes and Mangroves)
  • Prof Stuart Sym (Marine Microalgae, Harmful Algal Blooms, Prasinophyceae)
  • Prof Ed Witkowski (Ecology and Conservation of Savannas and Grasslands)
  • Dr Darragh Woodford (River Ecology, Freshwater Fishes and Invasion Biology)
  • Prof Wayne Twine (Socio-ecological Systems, Rural Livelihoods, Savanna Ecology)

    Resource Ecology, Rural Livelihoods, Savanna Ecology

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Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Dr Maria Garcia-Rovés
  • Dr Xavier Glaudas (Behavioural and Evolutionary Ecology)
  • Dr Danica Marlin
  • Dr Jodie Martin
  • Prof Martie Sanders (Science Education, Curriculum Development and Evaluation)
  • Dr Solomon Newete (Phytoremediation, Biological Control of Alien Invasive Plants, Remote Sensing)
  • Dr Vivienne Williams (Ethnobotany and Indigenous Plant Use)

Retired Staff

  • Prof Miles Markus
  • Prof Richard Pienaar